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Now there is no X-ray, no surgery, only rely on Chinese medicine to renew life, how long can live really depends on God's will.

Now there is no X-ray, no surgery, only rely on Chinese medicine to renew life, how long can live really depends on God's will. Qiao Zheng is also a little melancholy, the emperor has always trusted Qiao Shi, is by Qiao Shi to diagnose his illness, now more than fifty years old prime of life will drive a crane to the west, spread out for the reputation of the Qiao family is also damaged, not only that, the emperor died, the prince foundation is unstable, when the time comes the court is a turbulence. It took a lot of effort, Qiao Shi three people to write a prescription, each kind of medicinal materials and dosage, are three people to consider and discuss for a long time before settling down. For three days in a row, Qiao Shi, Qiao Zheng and Jin Qing took turns to stay in the emperor's bedroom. They had to take the medicine by themselves. Before the emperor took the medicine, they had to taste it first. After trying the poison, they could give it to the emperor. Jinqing then remembered that the TV series was always poisoning the emperor and the queen. The security work was done so well that the poisoning was too fake. Before the poison was sent to the emperor, it had already been found out. On the nineteenth day of the first lunar month, it was Jinqing's turn to serve the emperor. Jinqing and Huang Gonggong, the emperor's personal eunuch, decocted the medicine together and divided it into two bowls. Jinqing first poured out half a bowl and drank it. A quarter of an hour later, Huang Gonggong also drank the remaining half of the bowl. After they had nothing to do, Huang carried the remaining bowl of medicine to the emperor's bedroom. Jinqing frowned behind Huang Gonggong, secretly mercilessly wiped his mouth, it is too bitter, she is forced to endure is a normal expression, before it is really difficult for Qiao Shi and Huang Gonggong, for the emperor to test medicine for so many years. The emperor leaned lazily on the bed, his face gray and his whole body weak. Apart from the bright yellow dragon robe on his body, no one could see that he was the emperor who was so powerful that he could control the fate of countless people. Hearing the sound of the beaded curtain at the door, the emperor raised his eyelids and looked at it. He coughed twice and said in disgust,Nail Making Machine price, "Do you want to drink medicine again?"? If I don't drink, I can't get better! Grandfather Huang secretly frowned, and the emperor's temper broke again. He hurriedly brought the medicine to the emperor's bedside, raised it above his head, knelt down and said, "Your Majesty, for the sake of your dragon body, you must drink the medicine too!" As soon as Grandfather Huang knelt down, all the palace maids and eunuchs waiting in the bedroom all knelt down together, and Jinqing also knelt down, burying his head low. The emperor waved his hand feebly, looked at the hot soup with disgust, took it up and drank it down. The maid beside the bed stood up hurriedly, took the honey water that had already been prepared, and carefully served the emperor to drink it. After drinking the medicine, the emperor's complexion was obviously much better, his pale face had some blush, wire nail making machine ,wire nail machine manufacturers, and his breathing was much smoother. Jinqing saw it in his eyes, and in his heart he breathed a sigh of relief. If the emperor had a problem at this moment, the king of Qin and the king of Qi would take the opportunity to launch an attack. She and Qiao Shi's uncle and nephew were living targets waiting for others to attack, not to mention that she and the prince had a little kinship. Not to mention, in the eyes of those who are interested, it was the prince who instructed her to kill the emperor so that she could ascend the throne. Jinqing secretly laughed at herself for thinking too much, always speculating on others with the worst malice, but this can not blame her, since stepping into this circle, there are endless conspiracies and calculations everywhere, the days of fear really make her tired. After drinking the honey water, the emperor was probably a little sleepy. He waved his hand to all the people to step down. Jinqing hurriedly got up and prepared to go out with the palace eunuchs. However, the emperor spoke at this time, and his voice was a little hoarse. "yuan Taiyi, you stay and talk with me." Jinqing's heart was suddenly lifted, and she was a little frightened. Grandfather Huang quickly and quietly pushed her. Jinqing came to her senses and knelt down and said, "Yes, Your Majesty." When the eunuchs went out, the crowded bedroom suddenly became empty, and the cold wind blew in from the bead curtain, blowing away the warm and humid breath that made people dizzy in the room, and also made Jinqing's hands and feet cold. The emperor reclined on the bed and looked at Jinqing, who was kneeling on the ground. He suddenly laughed and coughed twice. He asked kindly, "You little girl, you look thin and small. How dare you come to me and tell your father?" The emperor was uncharacteristically kind, but Jinqing was at a loss as to what to do. She was used to the grumpy and moody emperor. In a flash of lightning, Jinqing's mind turned a few times, she finally decided to tell the truth, the emperor must be clear about the cause and effect, she lied at this meeting is asking for trouble. Jinqing's head almost touched the floor, "back to the emperor's words, dare not deceive the emperor, my father he." The Ministry of Civil Affairs failed to pass the examination, but he wanted to be promoted. He threatened my life and forced me to ask the prince to let him be promoted. Although Jinqing had not read many books of sages and sages, he understood the truth on the whole. How much responsibility to be a big official? My father has no ability. If he is a big official, he will harm the people and the great rivers and mountains of the Tang Dynasty. Jinqing can't help him in this matter. The emperor seemed to be very satisfied with Jinqing's answer, squinting and nodding, but what he said was, "Is it a woman, or does he care about his marriage?" Jinqing couldn't guess what the emperor meant. She was always stupid. She couldn't understand the emperor's face or his words. She could only bow her head and kneel down. "I'm afraid," she said in a low voice. If you dare not say more, you will make more mistakes. The emperor changed the subject, the voice also sharp up, "yuan Jinqing, since you are so concerned about their own life event, why did you have to retire with Ye Weian?"? I look at his generation of aristocratic children, but he is the most outstanding! You don't even like Zheng Guogong, but your vision is very high! Jinqing's sweat suddenly slipped down her temples. Many people knew the cause and effect of her and Ye Weian's retirement. She didn't believe that the emperor would not know. His heart was like a mirror. Now that he had asked this, it must be clear. Jinqing thought for a moment, then bowed his head and replied, "Your Majesty, Lord Zheng Guogong is an excellent man. He has a good character, a good appearance,Nail machine manufacturer, and a good family background. Jinqing was born in a humble family. How dare he look down on Lord Zheng Guogong?". It's just that Jinqing can't give Zheng Guogong what he wants. Similarly, Jinqing can't give Zheng Guogong what he wants. It is better to let go of each other and give each other a way out than to get together reluctantly and become a pair of resentful couples after a few years, so that we can still be friends when we meet later and laugh away our enmity when we meet. 。 3shardware.com