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My brother used to eat leftovers every day. Now there are fresh dishes to eat every meal."

Meng Xi didn't say anything. He just nodded. After a while, he said, "Miss yuan sent a lot of things. Should my brother send something back?" "It's up to you." He said. Meng Xi thought, the meaning of the brother is to send back, this back and forth, I'm afraid the friendship will be deeper in the future, right? "The elder brother might as well send a painting to Miss yuan." "What?" Meng Shen raised his eyebrows. "Are you crazy? Why did I send her a painting? What are you thinking about?" He stood up. "Just buy something and send it back." Then he went out. Recently, he wanted to check Ye Feiqing's affairs and often ran outside. After this period of investigation, this day Meng Shen finally found the person who could solve the doubts in his heart. The man was Cheng Zhaoyun, who had participated in the battle of Liangzhou. Meng Shen asked him to meet him at the pub. Cheng Zhaoyun, of course, had also heard of this Number One Scholar, and knew that he was brilliant. Although he had never met him before, he already had a good impression on him. When he saw him, he found that the young man was gentle and handsome, and he appreciated him even more. He said with a smile, "I'm a boor. I don't know why Meng Xiuzhuan took a fancy to me and wanted to drink with me." He can't read a few words. "Lord Cheng is wise," said Meng Shen. "It's my honor to drink with you." This word makes Cheng Zhaoyun is very glad, stretch out a hand to pour wine to him: "Come, come, that must be drunk today!" Meng Shen took a sip: "Actually, today I want to listen to Lord Cheng's experience in Liangzhou." I am compiling Xuanzong Memoir. You should know that Xuanzong is good at martial arts and has presided over several battles. But I am not a military general. I am not as good as Lord Cheng. He cuts through the thorns on the battlefield and makes the enemy flee. I admire him very much. It sounded like comparing him with Emperor Xuanzong's bravery. Cheng Zhaoyun was on cloud nine. He waved his hand and said, "No,mobile racking systems, no, this is not my work alone. Speaking of it, it's all thanks to General Ye Xiao." "Do you mean Ye Feiqing?" "Yes, if it wasn't for him, we wouldn't have won." "But he seems to have resigned?" Meng Shen thought, Cheng Zhaoyun still has self-knowledge, immediately put the credit on Ye Feiqing, it can be seen that he did not find the wrong person. Cheng Zhaoyun sighed: "He was seriously injured and almost.." You can be excused for resigning. Meng Shen was not in a hurry to ask: "Please tell me what happened that day. I don't think it's inferior to the Battle of Heihe of Xuanzong, is it?" Cheng Zhaoyun immediately exulted and said. Halfway through, Meng Shencai asked Ye Feiqing, "Do you know where General Ye has gone now?" Cheng Zhaoyun and Ye Feiqing fought side by side in those years and had a deep friendship. He rubbed the wine cup with his fingers and said, industrial racking systems ,Teardrop Pallet Racking, "It seems that he is going to be a cook." "What?" Meng Shen pretended to be surprised. "How could he be a cook?" "Well, it's a long story." Cheng Zhaoyun drank too much wine at this time and unconsciously opened the conversation box. "He saved a man in Liangzhou. That man's cooking skills were excellent. Later, he became a cook in the army. General Ye liked his cooking very much. He often went to see him and sometimes asked him for advice. I saw him several times.." Cheng Zhaoyun said here paused, "unfortunately, this man died, as to how to die, I do not know, only know that General Ye was with him at that time." Meng Shen asked, "What is the man's name?" Cheng Zhaoyun scratched his head. "His name seems to be Mu Qian. I once heard General Ye call him.." He looked strange. "Maybe I heard it wrong." As soon as Meng Shen's heart moved, he deliberately joked, "Why don't you call him Lao Mu?" "Why? He's young. What's his name?" Shallow. Meng Shen secretly read for a moment, suddenly understand that this may be a girl! He did not ask any more questions and continued to let Cheng Zhaoyun describe the war. Before they knew it, they said they wouldn't go home until it was dark. On the way, Meng Shen pieced together the fragmentary clues in the battle, and finally came to a conclusion. He knows all about it. It turned out that his eldest brother Ye had not abandoned his ideal, but had suffered too much blow and forgotten the past. Just like him. He had watched his most loyal servant and his son die in a raging fire at the hands of his stepgrandmother, whom he thought he loved so much, and he had forgotten all about it. What's more, Ye Feiqing is because the most beloved person died in the side! He could not imagine what would happen if he lost Mengxi one day. He can't. Meng Shen went to the door and was about to unlock it when he found the light on again in the room. Mengxi still didn't go to Zuixianlou today. He went in and found her cooking. He raised his eyebrows and asked, "Ah Xi, didn't you go to the restaurant again?" "Mmm." Meng Xi brought out a steamed perch. "Brother, why did you come back so late today?" "I went to drink with others." Meng Shen looked at her, "you said before that you were a little tired, rest for a few days, how, still very tired?" "The business of the restaurant is so good that it's several times better than Xianyou Building. I'm really too busy." Meng Xi found an excuse, "I want to rest for a few more days. My brother used to eat leftovers every day. Now there are fresh dishes to eat every meal." Of course this is good. If he could, he hoped that Mengxi would only cook for him every day, but this was not normal. He knows her too well. Ever since he knew that she was reborn, he knew Meng Xi's love for cooking very well. Even though she had his adopted brother in her heart, she never gave up cooking for him. She was so cruel that he ate the leftovers cooked in the morning every day. Of course, it's delicious, but it just needs to be heated. Meng Shen looked at her. "What happened?" With a thump in his heart, Meng Xi lowered his head and waved his chopsticks. "What can happen? There are two shopkeepers in the restaurant with Master and brothers. There is an endless stream of customers. What can happen?" Brother, would you like some more? Meng Shen frowned and said after a moment, "Good." He sat down and ate a few bites of the fish. The fish was tender and had no fishy smell at all, but he was not in the mood to taste it. When he finished eating, he pulled Meng Xi and said,warehouse pallet racks, "You'd better be honest." What do you want me to say? Inexplicably, by the way, your fingers are healed. Does it still hurt to write? 。