Morbid favor

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He took the lid and drank a few mouthfuls, very sweet, sweet to the marrow.

For today, he climbed Mount Wangu by himself yesterday. He said that he did not understand why, some things, do not do can not help but think over and over again, do the blood will boil. How is torture, that kind of green, unspeakable feelings, into endless strength, can be stupid to fight. The forest keeper said there was a path on the mountain. I know you don't like your teachers and classmates to see me. Can I take you there? Meng heard that he had no intention of hurting himself and nodded for a long time. So they walked slowly forward. Jiang kept silent and took her bag and carried it on his shoulder. His coat had already been thrown to He Junming and them. She had a hard time walking. He listened to her breathing and squatted down in front of her. "I'll carry you." Meng listened and shook his head hurriedly. He snorted and stared at her with black eyes. "What are you afraid of? A boy is good to a girl just because he likes her and wants to please her. Do you understand?". Give me a chance to listen. It was not the first time she had heard Jiang Ren's explicit words, but she had only met such a shameless person in her life. Meng's ears turned red. "Can you stop saying that?" "What words?" With a smile in his eyes, he deliberately teased her. She really didn't have the face to repeat, and she looked away from him. He knew she didn't want to, but it was still a long way up the mountain, and she certainly couldn't walk up by herself. He returned the bag to her: "Hurry up, hold or carry, if you don't choose, I will choose." Can she choose to kill such a bastard! Meng listen and do not want to go up the mountain, she did not go up in her previous life, the heart is not unwilling. He raised his eyebrows,Fiberglass tape measure, his black hair aggressive, and made a gesture to hold her again. Meng was so frightened that he quickly said, "Back." Her voice was trembling and sweet to the heart. "Yes," he said with a low smile. When the two thin and soft arms came up, his heart beat faster almost uncontrollably. The girl's body was fragrant and soft, and he felt that her sweat was fragrant. Meng Tingyue was the kind of girl that every boy wanted to have. Unlike He Junming, they walk for a long time and sweat all over. Meng listened as far away from him as possible,Diameter tape measure, and Xu Xu encircled his neck. He seemed to walk with inexhaustible strength. She had never been in love in her life. She died before she went to college. She died very young. Annoyed and ashamed at this time. Jiang Ren noticed that she turned her face away, as if she didn't want to get too close to herself. "Do you think I stink?" He asked with a smile. She stayed away from him and said nothing. He couldn't help laughing. He didn't smell as good as her. However, he explained, "Don't mind if you dye your hair, it smells a little. It will go away in a few days." It doesn't stink. But there was something passionate about him, and she was keenly aware of the morbid paranoia that was different from ordinary people. Jiang Ren is like a fire of hell, overbearing and annoying, she just doesn't like this person. However, the man she did not like, who was very strong, carried her and her heavy bag on his back, and still walked steadily. Jiang Ren walked along the path, all the way with the cold autumn, Wheel tape measure ,horse weight tape, listening to the tiny insects in the woods. Later, he sweated his clothes and outlined the strong body of the teenager. Meng didn't expect it to be so far away. It was one o'clock in the afternoon when they reached the top of the mountain. A century-old tree that three people can embrace stands in the wind, surrounded by countless small red flags, but no one can have such perseverance to take them away. Jiang Ren, carrying her on his back, was the only one who reached the top of the mountain. He's so scary. The boy gasped for breath and let her sit under the old tree. He looked at her with black eyes and couldn't help laughing. "Hey, I didn't bring any water. Can I drink some water?" Chapter 20 seriously. The teenager's forehead was covered with sweat, his T-shirt was soaked through, his solid texture was outlined, but his pupils were black with a smile. Meng listened to hold her bag tightly. She had only one cup, which she had drunk. Meng listened and did not speak. She leaned against the tree and refused silently. He sweated all over, but she was clean, her hair was blown by the autumn wind, and the leaves were sentimentally attached to her, gently falling on her shoulders. She lowered her eyes, and he could only see her long and curly eyelashes. Damn, how beautiful she was! Jiang Ren smiled: "You are so stingy." Meng listened to some red face, grow so big, or the first time to be said to be stingy. She thought that Jiang Ren had carried half of her mountain on his back, and that no one could stand it. It's not good for her to be like this. So she unzipped it and took out the white vacuum cup. It is filled with glucose water specially prepared to supplement physical strength when going out in the morning. The cup is a little old, and the bottom is a small azalea. She unscrewed the bottle cap, used it as a cup, and poured the sugar water into it. Then hand it to Jiang Ren. He does not answer however: "Give me a cup, who his *** wants to drink with lid." "The lid is very clean," she said earnestly with pure eyes. Her white cheeks were lightly pink: "You don't drink it." "No, I'll drink it." He took the lid and drank a few mouthfuls, very sweet, sweet to the marrow. He was sharp-eyed and saw that she had a lunch box in the crack of her schoolbag. Jiang Ren reached out to take it out, Meng listened to the action not as fast as he did, and before he could react, the lunch box was in his hand. The top is transparent, and he can see the simple Fried Rice with Egg inside at a glance. Meng listens urgent: "You return me." She subconsciously to grab, he slightly raised his hand, Meng listened to stand up only to find that others are not tall. He took the distance that she could get with a little effort, and sure enough, the girl went to grab it on tiptoe. Jiang Ren gave a low laugh and raised the lunch box a little higher. She nearly threw herself into his arms. Meng listen to learn dance, body flexibility is very good, light away from him, but annoyed, she knew Jiang Ren deliberately bad, lunch box also do not want. Meng listened to some grievance, was forced to climb the mountain, the meal was also robbed by this bastard. Is he used to being a hoodlum? He always likes to rob her. She was about to walk down the hill. Jiang Ren frowned. The wind was strong on the mountain. Her eyes were dry after blowing for a long time,Fish measuring board, but they were wet. He looked wronged and pitiful, and in his heart he laughed and pitied, fearing that she would really go down the mountain hungry.