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They are all people I have to win over. In another year, it will be the time for important parliamentary elections.

The middle-aged man's eyes showed a light of surprise, and no one knew better than him what kind of person Xuantian was. At the beginning, it was he who brought Xuantian into the House of Lords. Xuantian had only one request, that is, to strengthen his strength at any cost. After six times of transformation, he finally developed the ability of Huangjidao by virtue of his strong body and tenacious perseverance. No one dared to approach him in the secret base of the House of Lords except two other super reformers who could barely compete with him. He has absolute confidence in his strength. Can say such a high evaluation, obviously the other side is not simple. Xuan Tian is very important to the House of Lords, except for the Speaker of the House of Lords. No one can give orders to him, and Xuantian also has absolute freedom, his ability has reached the point where no technology can leave restrictive instruments on him. The reason why he is willing to contribute to Parliament is that he wants to use the technological means of the House of Lords to continuously strengthen his own strength. Straighten out the train of thought in the heart, middleaged person way: "Good, then this thing is such first, I can report to the speaker immediately.". The action against the dark forces will be suspended for the time being, and we will consider how to continue after we have investigated the origin of the person. Xuantian, you have worked hard this time. Have a good rest when you get back. For this reformed man, who was more powerful than any weapon, the House treated him no worse than any commander of a god-class fleet. Except for very important missions, it will never be used easily,hot tub manufacturers, and all the treatment is the best. Xuantian nodded to him and said, "If those madmen have any new research results suitable for me, please inform me in time." The middle-aged man said with a wry smile, "There is too little technology suitable for you.". You don't need any technological weapons to assist you. You have almost reached the limit of your ability to improve your body. Xuantian shook his head and said, "No, if I hadn't fought with the Holy Alliance Judge and the mysterious man, maybe I would have thought that my ability had reached the limit of human beings. But now I understand that the limit of human body is almost endless. I think you can suggest to the speaker to do more research in this area. If successful,outdoor hot tub, you can also save some money." The middle-aged man sighed and said, "That's impossible. Science and technology are easy to study. But if you want to have a body like yours, you know best how much pressure you need to bear. Without a strong will, it is impossible to accept transformation. Few people can afford the pain.". Now the House is already under pressure from the military, so our rehabilitation program is trying to avoid casualties as much as possible. Xuantian frowned, ignored the middle-aged man, and turned away. The middle-aged man looked at the back of his departure, his eyes showing a complex light, and after a while, when he heard a light sound coming from somewhere, his expression relaxed a little. Walking to the wall, pressing lightly on the wall without any buttons, indoor endless pool ,outdoor whirlpool, a ray of light came on, and a clear image appeared in the room. It was a middle-aged man who looked younger than him, with a big smile on his face. If only from the appearance, he looked like a kind elder, and his body was slightly fat. But there was a faint cold light in his tiny eyes. Lord Chancellor, he's gone. Said the middle-aged man respectfully. Yes, the slightly chubby man shown in the image is the Speaker of the House of Lords, one of the supreme rulers of the Silver League. Yeah, I heard all your conversation just now. Xuantian will not lie. Later, you immediately send the best people in the intelligence department to check the identity of the person. It seems that this time we really miscalculated, not only underestimated the strength of the Holy Alliance, but also underestimated the hidden forces of the dark forces. It is not easy to destroy Donan who can fight against the Holy Alliance. Originally, I thought that without the end of the dark king, everything would be easy, but now it seems that I was wrong. Adjust our strategy, temporarily suspend all actions against the Holy Alliance, and increase investment in the Academy of Sciences. Xuantian said very reasonable, want to enhance a stronger strength, can only develop from the human body itself, after all, the means of science and technology is the end after all. ” The middle-aged man said, "Your Excellency, I really can't. Let's find an opportunity. Isn't it possible to use force to solve the holy alliance?"? Although they have a strong ability, after all, they are also flesh and blood. Our newly developed super warships should have enough ability to destroy them. The Chancellor snorted and said, "What do you know? You can't deal with the Holy Alliance openly.". Their power has long been ingrained in the alliance. It has more influence than you can imagine. Everything can only be done in the dark. What's more, do you think the five old guys of Guangming are easy to deal with? With their ability, even if they are suddenly attacked by super warships, they are not necessarily unable to save their lives. Do as I say. I'm going to go with the chancellor later to see if there's anything our reformers and their biological warriors can learn from each other. "Yes, Lord Chancellor," said the middle-aged man respectfully. "Wait a minute." The speaker seemed to remember something. "Recently, the four big families often seem to have some minor problems.". You have to pay attention. They are all people I have to win over. In another year, it will be the time for important parliamentary elections. If you want to keep your position, you have to keep my position, do you understand? Especially the Bill family. You must pay attention to the old Bill. In the upper house of 138 seats, the Beal family has more than 20 seats. As for the Glacier family and the Litton family, they have always supported me. As for the Josie family, you have to do some work quickly. They have only seven seats, but they are wavering. They are likely to stand on the side of my political opponents. At worst, you have to keep them neutral. Do you understand? Yes, my Lord Chancellor. You can rest assured that I am fully prepared for the Bill family. It's not the Josie family. It's not easy to solve. Their rulers have always been women,jacuzzi swim spa, and a few years ago they were replaced by a young girl named Luo Jiao Ruoxi. I had contact with her once. Her attitude is so lukewarm that I'm afraid it's hard to act according to her preferences. "Do the best you can," the chancellor mused. I still have a good grasp of this re-election. If the West family can be put at the end, we can stabilize the votes in our hands first. 。 monalisa.com