Oriental Jade Dragon Ball

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He can be said to be the right-hand man of the Old Dragon Leader.

As he spoke, he rubbed and patted the old man's head and pushed away the acupoint he had been made. Old Cang coughed, spat out a mouthful of thick phlegm, and suddenly opened his eyes. After all, he was old and weak, and his limbs were numb. Lying in bed, how could he get up for a while! Master Yiqing stretched out his hand to stop him and said: "The old benefactor's acupoint has just been solved. Lie down and don't move. I just want to ask you a few words. You can lie down and say it." The old man took a breath and asked: "What do you want to ask, Master?" "Has anyone been here since we left?" Asked Master Yiqing. The old man nodded and said, "Yes!"! Have ! It was about the time of the afternoon card. It's just a distant relative of the old master! "Do you know him, old benefactor?" Asked Master Yiqing. The old man shook his head and said, "I don't know him. The master knows. We don't receive people we don't know. The old lady brought three maids to go up the mountain to burn incense. The old housekeeper knocked at the door. He told the little old man that the old lady was a distant relative of our old master.." "Old lady?" Thin one knife asks: "Do you remember what she was like?" The old man struggled to sit up, thought about it, and then said: "The old lady was about fifty years old, with a thin face, wearing what seemed to be a black lined jacket with dark flowers, a long black skirt,rapid sand filters, and no little old man." I didn't dare to look more. "Who else is there?" Asked Bo Yidao. "The three maids are probably only seventeen or eighteen years old," said the old man. "The other is an old housekeeper who drives a car. He has pigtails on his head. He's about sixty years old, like a little old man." Bo Yidao said, "Just now there was a girl who lived here with Zhuo Shaoxia last night. But the old housekeeper opened the door." "Yes," said the old man, "the old lady has told me. A girl and a husband will come to her later and ask the little old man to open the door. Who else should the little old man be? It turns out that the girl is the eldest daughter of the Tang family in Chengdu, and Zhuo Shaoxia. In fact,MBR reactor, the little young man will open the door without the orders of the old lady." Thin a knife hurriedly asked: "Where are they?" The old man said blankly: "Are they gone?" Bo Yidao said, "Who controlled the acupoint of the old housekeeper?" The old man thought about it again and then said: "Just now a girl came into the little old man's room with a piece of white paper in her hand. The little old man thought she had something to do with me. The girl said, 'We're leaving. This is the silver given to you by the old lady. This is..'" The little old man couldn't remember what else she had said. Master Yiqing asked: "You said the maid had a piece of white paper in her hand. What was it?" "I don't know, little old man," said the old man. Bo Yidao turned his eyes and saw a piece of white paper on a small table on the right. Sure enough, there was a piece of silver on the paper, about five taels in weight. He stepped over, looked down, and saw that there was still handwriting on the paper. He reached out and picked it up, only to see that it said: "If you want to find someone, you can go to Doutu Mountain." There was no name on it, Mechanical fine screen ,multi disc screw press, but as long as you look at the tone of the note, it is clear that Tang Siniang colluded with the "old lady" and took Zhuo Yuxiang away. Thin a knife to see a daze, raised the white paper in his hand, asked: "Look at the white paper in her hand, old housekeeper. Is this it?" "Yes," said the old man! Yes ! This is the one. Yes, that's right! Master Yiqing asked: "What does this paper say?" "They took Shaoxia Zhuo to Mount Doutu," said Bo Yidao. He handed the note to Master Yiqing. Master Yiqing only took one look and said in surprise, "They kidnapped Shaoxia Zhuo and went to Doutu Mountain!" Bo Yidao said, "It may be true that I went to Doutu Mountain, but.." Master Yiqing asked: "Just what?" Bo Yidao stepped out of the door and said thoughtfully, "Tang Sigong soon told us that the general order was set up in Dou Tu. My brother already felt that there was a trick in it. Now they have kidnapped Zhuo Shaoxia and said that they can find someone to go to Dou Tu Mountain. It makes people feel that there is a lot to be done in this." Master Yiqing followed him and said with a smile: "The Dragon Order is set up in Doutu Mountain. Because Tang Sigong has fallen into our hands, if they want to keep it secret, they can't keep it. It's better to make it clear.". Kidnap Zhuo Shaoxia and ask us to go to Doutu Mountain. What's wrong with that? Maybe you walk too much in Jianghu. So be suspicious everywhere! Thin a knife smiled and said: "My Abbot, this is because you walk too little in Jianghu. You look at others with your own thoughts. If everyone is like you, how can Jianghu be treacherous?" Master Yiqing said, "I'd like to listen to you." "I want to ask you first," said Bo Yidao. "How is Tang Sigong?" "He is a very sophisticated man," said Master Yiqing. "Yes!" Said Bo Yidao, "He is the Black Dragon Leader of the Black and White Order. He can be said to be the right-hand man of the Old Dragon Leader. The Old Dragon Leader chose Mount Doutu to create the Dragon Order because the Snake Ridge Dragon Palace is known to everyone. Naturally, his purpose is not to be known, right?" Master Yiqing nodded. Bo Yidao added, "Dou Tushan is their secret lair, and Tang Sigong is a very sophisticated man. We didn't extort a confession by torture. How could he be so straightforward as to tell us where the Dragon Order is?" "That's true," said Master Yiqing. Bo Yidao added, "Even if he has to tell the truth because he is in our hands, the person who kidnapped Zhuo Shaoxia doesn't know that Tang Sigong has spoken out.". They hijacked Zhuo Shaoyi, but to leave a note, if we want people, can go to Doutu mountain, this is not their prior collusion, or what? Master Yiqing nodded again and said, "Not bad." Bo Yidao said, "Why did they collude to tell Dou Tushan?" "I see," said Commander Yiqing. "This is a trap they have laid." Thin a knife laughed. "The Abbot finally understands now!" Master Yiqing frowned and said, "So you can't go to Mount Doutu." Bo Yidao said, "They kidnapped Zhuo Shaoxia and sent him to Doutu Mountain. That may be true." "That is to say," said Master Yiqing,Rotating sludge scraper, "we know it's a trap, but we have to go." "Exactly," said Bo Yidao. Master Yiqing stuffed the note into his bosom and said:. khnwatertreatment.com