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As Jun Moye spoke, his voice gradually became firm: "It may not be easy to be my woman.". But as long as it is my woman

As Jun Moye spoke, his voice gradually became firm: "It may not be easy to be my woman.". But as long as it is my woman, I will care, love and protect you at all costs, and I will never let you suffer any grievance. "Or if you're not ready now, I can give you time to think about it." "You and I both know that your engagement with my eldest brother is, in the final analysis, just a piece of paper," said Jun Moxie in a slow voice! No, not even a scrap of paper. Now you are no longer my sister-in-law. You are just the adopted daughter of my third uncle. I hope you remember this identity clearly. When we are together in the future, there may be a lot of troubles, and there may be a lot of rumors. But you don't have to worry about any of that! Jun Moxie smiled and said, "These are all men's affairs.". Even if the whole world is such gossip, I can guarantee that a word will not reach your ears! Not a word! Do you understand? So what you're worried about doesn't really exist! Guan Qinghan's shoulder moved. The whole body seems a little relaxed. For such a long time, I believe you should also understand my temper. I will not become a great hero, in fact, I am a very selfish person; in this world, I can care about people, things, it is not much! I will only care about my family, my family, my woman,cold drawn tubes, my brother! As long as they are safe and happy, nothing else matters! As for the rest, regardless of the common people of the world, the fate of the people, with my Jun Moye, nothing! I'm really not a noble person! Jun Moye smiled and continued to speak with fervor and assurance: "If you want me to create any great achievements, I'm afraid I'll let you down!"! Because I am really very selfish, doomed not to become a hero,Cold Drawn Tubes, even selfish to no one to think. People who bully me! Or, to embarrass my woman.. As long as there is such a thing, then, no matter who he is, will suffer the most cruel revenge of my Jun Moye! Include Your steward family, because they are not included in the list of people I care about! Guan Qinghan finally lost his cool, suddenly turned around, biting his lips, eyes shining complex, looking at Jun Moye's calm face, lips moved for a while, but never said anything. She had already thought about what her family would think of her and what kind of eyes she would suffer when this thing got out! As long as she thought of all this, her heart was unusually flustered, it was a kind of panic that did not know what to do. But as soon as Jun Moye's unusually flat tone came out, Guan Qinghan suddenly felt a chill in his heart. Instead of worrying about himself, beam impact tubes ,side impact beams, he turned to worry about them. She could imagine how Jun Moye would react if someone in the housekeeper was disrespectful to her. Coupled with the forced marriage of Blood Soul Villa before, Jun Moye's impression of the housekeeper can be said to be very bad! Jun Moye will not show mercy! Chapter 164 undercurrent in the capital. Jun Moye rarely has a serious time, but once he said seriously, it has always represented a commitment! This point, in this period of time, Guan Qinghan has been clear, but because it is clear, only fear, only fear! Jun Moye said with a straight face, that is a spit and a pit! You can do what you say, without exception! No one has ever been able to change his decision, the former in the face of the threat from the Blood Soul Villa, asserted to protect himself, and believed that what he said to himself today was the same! "All the people in the world say that I am a playboy and an unlearned man.." Jun Moye gave a wry smile and said, "Actually, I really don't understand a woman's mind, and I don't know how to talk about love.." Perhaps, at this time, I should coax you well. Sweet words and sweet words with tender feelings … You really paid a lot for me.. I'm not a heartless person, but I.. But I. I really don't know how to say. I've never been in love! I really haven't talked about it. What happened yesterday? Ahem. In fact, this is the first time in my life. I still have a little pain. I don't lie to you. Not only do you feel uncomfortable, but I also feel uncomfortable. Now I have a little soft feet and dizziness. That is to say, I am embarrassed to say to you and others.. Jun Moye said with a bitter face, a little embarrassed. Guan Qinghan this moment suddenly want to laugh, she is also a yellow flower girl, and do not understand these things, just experienced this matter, the first taste of Wushan Avenue below her pain, how can she want to laugh? Can hear Jun Moye this sentence, but really want to laugh. It is hard to believe that the notorious Huahua Dashao said such a thing. But Guan Qinghan looked at Jun Moye's face, but he couldn't laugh at all. Although Jun Moye's face was strange and awkward, Guan Qinghan could hear that he didn't seem to be lying. He was completely from his heart. Is it true?! It is said that the first playboy of Tianxiang, who bullies men and women and desolates yin to the extreme, is actually a junior brother?! No way. If some of the girls in Lingwu Lake are virgins, there is still some credibility. But Jun Moye. But Guan Qinghan did not hear clearly, Jun Moye said "this life", or she heard clearly, will not understand what these two words contain. Guan Qinghan's eyebrows curved. Then his face turned cold again. Jun Moye waited for a while, but when he saw that Guan Qinghan still had a hard time opening his mouth, his face finally softened a little. He could not help but relax in his heart and said, "Actually, last night.." I was drugged.. Brain a chaos, know a strong effort, in fact, I do not feel anything. It's a pity to think about it now. Guan Qinghan never thought that this boy was speaking with a straight face, but suddenly came out with such a sentence! He blushed with shame and spat bitterly. Jun Moye this sentence, the original intention is to test the use, see always cold Guan Qinghan heard his courage to say the bad words actually did not show anger,impact beam tubes, can not help but a strong courage, stand up, will hold her in his arms.