The strongest hacker

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In fact, the purpose is very simple! Just two words! Training! In many people's eyes, this is an incredible thing.

In fact, the purpose is very simple! Just two words! Training! In many people's eyes, this is an incredible thing. After all, war is to kill people. Whether one or ten thousand people die, war is not a child's play. If this purpose is spread, I'm afraid the whole world will be in an uproar. After all, this is a peaceful era. What is the purpose of launching a war to train soldiers like this? But Ye Long knows that this is a step that the Republic's unfinished team must take if they want to make a world in the future. The reason is very simple! In the past few years, the equipment of the Republic has been updated too fast! Now the three armed forces, the Navy and the Air Force, have been equipped with many advanced equipment, except that the Navy has temporarily fallen into a state of shelving because of the large gap in funding needs. But how to make these equipment quickly form combat effectiveness, even exercises are very difficult, then a solid war is necessary! In fact, the purpose of this conflict is, first, to let the troops see the blood, and second,plastic pallet suppliers, to temper the newly established Ninth Army. The Ninth Army is a new type of combat mode, which needs to be tested by war. Third, it is to test how these equipment can be used to play their greatest role and whether they can stand the test of war! For example, the AFD-11, which has just been equipped with the army for a short time, is codenamed Eagle Falcon! This tilt-rotary-wing aircraft is the first fighter aircraft in the history of the Republic,plastic pallet suppliers, or in the history of mankind, to fly in two modes of flight power, and its actual combat capability must be tested by war. There is also a new generation of main battle tanks and armored vehicles that have just been finalized for production, which need to be tested. They are not many in number, but they are enough to test combat effectiveness. Now the reason why the army did not launch an attack, as well as the previous communication shielding of the enemy, is not because of the use of large early warning aircraft, but a new type of special bomb that has never appeared on the battlefield! (To be continued) The Strongest Hacker 727, The Strongest Hacker Text Chapter 727 World Situation (Middle) Updated! (Site group number: 95512049) Volume I Chapter 728 World Situation (II) Chapter 728 World Situation (II). "Chairman, this is the economic data of India." Zhang Yang was sitting in the office at the moment. Xia Yiyue came in and handed him the information Zhang Yang needed. Although Xia January is still a secretary, almost everyone in Star Group knows that the gold content of Xia January, the first secretary, plastic bulk containers ,drum spill pallet, is probably not lower than that of the president of some branches. You know, Xia January is responsible for the president of Star Group and more than a dozen secretaries of the chairman, and most of the small things can be decided directly by Xia January. [.] Many outside financial media have commented that the rise of Star Group not only represents that the chairman of Star Group is a genius, but also cultivates countless young talents in the financial sector, such as Chen Xiaowei, Li Yuxuan and so on, not to mention the experience of January in summer and January in Star Group. It's no problem to be the CEO of a company with a market value of about $100 billion! This is not an exaggeration, but a real company has sent an invitation to Xia January. Can you manage such a huge group as Star Group in good order? Are you afraid that such a big housekeeper can't manage a company well? What's more, who is the person who follows Xia Yueyue every day? It's either Li Keqing or Zhang Yang! This is a living legend in the world of finance! I'm afraid the economic vision is much higher than that of ordinary people under the influence of the deaf. Zhang Yang nodded and took the document and said with a smile, "Elder Martial Sister, please." "It's all right. I'm a secretary. I should be." Xia yuanyuan smiled, then waved his hand and left Zhang Yang's office. Zhang Yang returned to his seat and sat down and immediately began to look through the information in his hand. Zhang Yang is looking for this information is very simple, is to prepare for the next escalation of the conflict between the two sides, do not forget that India is the world's most populous country! And India's economy is worse than China's, so India is naturally another primary factory concentration in the world! Including Star Group, need to import a large number of primary processing raw materials from India! Moreover, as the business scope of Star Group becomes larger and larger, the trade with Indian companies will naturally become larger and larger. Once similar punitive measures are taken, Star Group will have to seek trade with other Southeast Asian countries. Although both sides of the conflict are now exercising restraint and have no intention of expanding the war, unlike the eastern section, the Indian troops in the middle and western sections of the border between the two countries have retreated dozens of miles, and the Chinese XXX team has not crossed the border, and both sides are on high alert. After looking through the information in his hand, Zhang Yang shook his head slightly. India will surely lose this conflict! Without looking at India's economic data, Zhang Yang has not yet realized that India's economy is completely incomparable with its domestic economy. First of all, India's economic dependence on foreign countries is as high as 70%! The so-called external dependence refers to the share of trade in gross national product! That is to say, 70% of India's gross national product comes from trade, that is, the so-called export of primary products! The five largest economies in the world that trade with India are China, the United States, the European Union, XXX and Russia! Russia can understand that Russia's economy has been quite bad since the collapse of the Soviet Union. Now, after Putin came to power, Russia's economy began to pick up. Relying on arms sales to India, Russia imported a lot of raw materials from India and so on. Needless to say, XXX imported raw materials from almost all countries in the world. Companies such as Mitsubishi have factories in all countries where the labor force is underground. The European Union and the United States are also understandable, but China ranks first among India's trade partners, which makes Zhang Yang a little surprised. Because although China's situation in the past few years was better than India's,collapsible pallet box, it was not much worse than India's, and the trade deficit was very large. Of India's 70% share of foreign trade, India's share of trade with China has reached 23%! The United States accounts for only 17%.