Here comes the beauty

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"But we don't have to worry so much. Nephew, what you ask for is money, and what I ask for is the real medicine of longevity

"But we don't have to worry so much. Nephew, what you ask for is money, and what I ask for is the real medicine of longevity.". As long as we get what we want, what does it matter to us what that woman does. "Uncle, can those medicines made from the blood of children's internal organs live forever?" "Longevity is impossible, but the effect of delaying aging is there." "Why don't you take some, uncle?" How dare I. There seems to be something else in this medicine. That woman is so ruthless that she can't do anything. When I reverse the prescription according to this medicine, I will take it myself. Nephew, what I really want is the secret recipe of that woman's agelessness. Chapter 80 Six days later in the morning, Fu Yunbin and Shen Mo rushed back to Shen Fu together. Knowing that Ding Wu had woken up and was not seriously affected, Fu Yunbin and Shen Mo breathed a sigh of relief together. Fu Yunbin called Shen Mo, Shen Duo and Ding Wu to his room. Closing the door, Fu Yunbin worriedly turned to Shen Duo and Ding Wu and said, "I'm afraid this worship of the moon is not as simple as we imagined.." Ding Wu looked up at Fu Yunbin and said,hydraulic fitting manufacturer, "What's the matter?"? Boss, did you and Amer find something? Fu Yunbin sighed: "The man who pretended to be a zombie and committed suicide by taking poison..." That man.. It's the Ke family. Shen Duo was obviously surprised: "The Ke family?"? It's not the Ke family I thought, is it? Fu Yunbin nodded: "That's the Ke family you think." Shen Duo was obviously surprised: "This." How is this possible.. The Ke family are all famous for their hatred of evil. How could the Ke family. How could you do such a terrible thing? Fu Yunbin sighed: "This Ke family is not someone else, but Ke Lang, who has been missing for eight years.." Ding Wu's face was full of shock: "How could it be possible!"! This Ke Lang is the best of the Ke family in his generation. He is not a nobody in Jianghu. He is known as a chivalrous man. How could he do such a thing as maiming a child? "I don't want to believe it either." Fu Yunbin shook his head,38 needle valve, "but the facts are in front of me, so I can't believe it.". Amer and I looked for a money bag embroidered with the mark of the Ke family on the corpse. Fu Yunbin said as he threw a faded old money bag on the table. On the front of the money bag, there is a big, eye-catching Kejia mark, beside which there is a small'Lang 'character. Shen Duo took a look at the money bag and found that there was only a strand of long hair inside: "It's just a money bag embroidered with a mark. This man is carrying a money bag, which doesn't prove that he is Ke Lang.." Fu Yunbin shook his head: "This man is Ke Lang.". Ten years ago, I met Ke Lang several times, and his appearance changed so much that I couldn't recognize him at first. After finding the money bag on him, I looked at him again and recognized that the man was Ke Lang. Silence added, "Ke Lang had a grudge against Tang Zhan of the Tang family, 14 tube fitting ,brass tube fitting, and they had a duel.". At that time, Ke Lang suffered a disastrous defeat and suffered five penetrating nails from Tang Zhan on his shoulder. I have looked at his shoulder and found that there were indeed five wounds caused by penetrating nails. Fu Yunbin sighed: "And why do you think I didn't come back until today?". I went to find Ke Lang's eldest brother and asked him to identify the body. He confirmed that the body was indeed his brother, Ke Lang, who had been missing for eight years. The crowd in the side hall was silent. How did Master Ke, who once hated evil, become a villain who killed young children? "It's really not easy to worship the moon." Shen Duo clenched his fist, "can let Ke Lang do such a harmful thing." This worship of the moon is far more difficult to deal with than we thought. Ding Wu frowned: "Incidents of mutilating young children have happened everywhere. I think Ke Lang is far from the only one who pretends to be a zombie to do this." Silently sighed: "Ke Lang's eldest brother is now staying in the village on my behalf, trying not to let the news of the'zombies' being destroyed get out, but after a long time, the worship of the moon will always be found.." We have to catch people before they find out. Shen Duo immediately said that the person who worshipped the moon last time came to deliver the medicine, changed his clothes continuously, and finally escaped by drilling a dog hole. "It's really hard to deal with people who know how to change their appearance and act so carefully." Fu Yunbin hesitated for a moment, "but I have a way to deal with it." By the way, where is he? I went to his room just now, and he wasn't there. Ding Wu replied, "He should be practicing flying skills on Xianxia Mountain now.." As soon as Fu Yunbin heard this, he only suspected that he had misheard: "It's not long since the dawn of heaven. Isn't that slacker supposed to be sleeping at this time?" "Half an hour ago," said Ding Wu, "I practiced in the yard while no one was there. In the middle of the practice, I saw Miss Fang rushing to the original Shaoxia's room with her sword. Fu Yunbin's eyes widened. Ding Wu continued, "It was only a short time before Miss Fang came out of the original Shaoxia's room again.". When she came out, the sword in her hand disappeared and was replaced by the coat of the original Shaoxia. Then, yuan Shaoxia rushed out of the room, grabbed my coat and chased me out while wearing it. While chasing after him, yuan Shaoxia cursed Miss Fang for being mean and shameless, and attacked him while he was sleeping. Miss Fang took yuan Shaoxia's coat and ran in the direction of Xianxia Mountain. yuan Shaoxia followed her.. Fu Yunbin is speechless. Silence couldn't help asking, "Why did Miss Fang rob yuan Shaoxia of his coat?" Ding Wu shook his head: "I don't know!" Shen Duo was aroused by curiosity: "By this time, Miss Gu and the three of them should have got up and had breakfast. Let's ask them and eat breakfast by the way." Shen Duo took the lead in the direction of the side hall, and Fu Yunbin, Ding Wu, and Shen Mo hurriedly followed him. Four people went to the side hall to see that Jiang Mingyue and the three of them were indeed sitting at the table eating breakfast. Seeing Fu Yunbin and the four of them coming, Jiang Mingyue hurriedly asked the four seniors to sit down. Immediately the servant brought in four more breakfasts. Fu Yunbin picked up his chopsticks, gave a false cough,pipe fittings manufacturer, and said to Jiang Mingyue and the three of them, "This morning, Miss Fang grabbed her coat.." 。