A star always teases me [entertainment circle]

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I don't know if the makeup artist is embarrassed, but Xu Xiaozhi is embarrassed at the moment. Originally

I don't know if the makeup artist is embarrassed, but Xu Xiaozhi is embarrassed at the moment. Originally she also wanted to insert a word, the whole two sentences, this was their Su Xun this sentence to surprise, forget what to say. After Su Xun said that sentence, the makeup artist's little sister did not dare to ask Su Xun any more questions, probably realized that she was wrong, blushed and apologized to Su Xun and went out. Xu Xiaozhi could not help but want to laugh, usually a gentle person, this sudden venomous tongue, really quite unexpected, she is the first time to see Su Xun, is not very polite to others. Is that funny? Su Xun saw Xu Xiaozhi laughing from the makeup mirror. Xu Xiaozhi controlled the smile on his face: "Why are you so fierce today?" Su Xun frowned, not very self-aware to ask her, "fierce?"? Just now? Xu Xiaozhi pulled the revolving chair next to Su Xun and sat down: "Yes, you didn't see how ashamed the makeup artist's face was just now. If someone was unhappy, he would put what you just said on the Internet and blacken it. What should I do?" Su Xun turned his head and smiled. "Isn't there my agent here? What am I afraid of?" Xu Xiaozhi: "… …" Male gods and brokers are not used like this. Seeing that he was joking, Xu Xiaozhi was still surprised. Obviously is not a person who will let a person worry, although also did not do anything, but now just feel that he is like a changed person, Xu Xiaozhi is quite depressed. After thinking about it, Xu Xiaozhi did not care any more, originally people will have emotions, then she just can not bear to see it. Are you playing a decent or a villain? She stared at Su Xun's dark red costume and asked him about a topic. Su Xun thought for a moment: "It's a villain." Xu Xiaozhi automatically planned his words to mean the villain. Isn't that guy in Chi Xian acting decent? Really said Cao, Xu Xiaozhi said this, the door of the dressing room was pushed open, Chi Xian dressed in a dark blue props and beautiful clothes, came in leisurely. Are you talking about me? I should have just heard his name when I came in,die casting parts, so I asked. He has a high bun, two strands of hair on both sides of his ears, his face is already made up, and with his lazy temperament, Xu Xiaozhi feels that he really doesn't match this dress. In Xu Xiaozhi's heart, Chi Xian is the representative of the villain. You two should switch. Chi Xian did not understand her words: "What for?" Xu Xiaozhi took one look at him, then looked at Su Xun who was still sitting, and gave the conclusion: "probably the temperament does not match." Only then did Chi Xian suddenly understand the meaning of her words from her eyes, and in an instant he was not happy. No, Zhizhi, what do you mean? Don't I look good in this? How handsome he is! Just now he was in front of the mirror for a long time. Why did he change his taste in his mouth. Xu Xiaozhi: "Tell the truth?" Chi Xian: "Do you still have lies?" Xu Xiaozhi shook his head and said, "That's not true. I just think what you're wearing.." Like a decent hooligan. Chi Xian: "… … …" Su Xun sat all the time looking at two people without movement, now heard Xu Xiaozhi so describe people, happy to laugh out loud. Chi Xian endured, turned around and glanced at Su Xun. Pointing at Su Xun, alloy die casting ,Investment casting parts, he asked Xu Xiaozhi, "He looks good in clothes."? Am I the only one who is ugly? Xu Xiaozhi clasped his chin and said slowly, "I didn't say that. Don't wrong me. I'm just giving you a small comment on this equipment." "Oh, just?"? You didn't pierce my heart? Xu Xiaozhi: "… …" This is a bit too much. The power of her words is not so exaggerated. Chi Xian paused and said, "Xu Xiaozhi, let's sign the agreement another day. I don't want to be with you anymore." As soon as he said this, even Su Xun could not help but raise his eyebrows to look at him. Xu Xiaozhi pursed his mouth and did not stimulate him. Are you going to cry? In fact, you look good in it. Chi Xian rolled her eyes, "I believe your evil, originally good-looking, what is very good-looking?"? Angrily, he scratched the top of her head with his hand. "I'm crying. I'm crying. Am I a sissy?" ………… The first scene was shot opposite Chi Xian and Xiao Hua Dan Ming Han, which was shot indoors under a green screen. Su Xun and Xu Xiaozhi sat not far from the green screen and waited for the scene. In the past, in order not to be stripped of the vest, Xu Xiaozhi, as someone else's iron hair, did not go to visit him at all when Chi Xian was filming. When she said this, she felt a little ashamed, and she did not know how Chi Xian's acting skills were. She doesn't like to watch TV dramas very much. Even in Su Xun's dramas, she just skips the clips and appreciates the beauty. So Chi Xian's play, she is not seen, if this let Chi Xian know, it is estimated that can be mad. So she is now sitting at the scene, staring at people for an hour, after watching his appearance and state when acting, really feel that he can mix to the present position, there is indeed a reason. No background, no decorations, no dubbing, only a piece of green cloth, with their own imagination, the vivid image of the characters played so real. Xu Xiaozhi felt that she had just been in the dressing room, and she was really judging people by their appearance, which was heard by other people's fans. Why didn't they eat her alive and sue her for spreading rumors? Tut, unexpectedly awesome. In the morning, Xu Xiaozhi's line of sight, staring at several actors back and forth, as one of the leading actors, they Su Xun's play is also quite a lot. Su Hsun's acting skills Hsu Hsiao-chih saw last time on the set of "The End of the Song." He could play even a small supporting role so well, and this time the big leading role is not surprisingly still dazzling. Dressed in a dark red costume, under the lens of the monster to the extreme, plus his face, not to mention, with the stills in the publicity picture exactly the same, so look, is really a villain. On the first day of shooting,deep draw stamping, her brother Xu was unexpectedly not allowed to work overtime, and the actors left the play at nine o'clock. In order to apologize to someone he questioned in the morning, Xu Xiaozhi made an appointment with Chi Xian for dinner in the evening. autoparts-dx.com