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That one carved in the deep heart of the face, that pair of bright eyes, this haunting woman, so standing in front of the body

That one carved in the deep heart of the face, that pair of bright eyes, this haunting woman, so standing in front of the body, caring, caring to ask. Zhang Xiaofan suddenly froze, the whole person froze, like waking up from a dream, the body of hostility like the tide receded, but, but, he actually felt the tearing pain, staring at the elder sister in front of him, there is a feeling of crying! Do you know that at the moment of life and death, you are the one you miss most in your heart? Do you know, dream back to Qingyun, thousands of lingering mood, only for you? Do you know.. "Pa", a heavy crisp sound, Zhang Xiaofan's face was suddenly appeared in the side of Tian Yi hit a slap in the face, the whole person was involuntarily flying out, in midair across an arc, far outside. The crowd stirred. Zhang Xiaofan fell to the ground, seeing stars, but when he came to his senses, he felt even more ashamed at the moment. He actually wanted to attack his elder brother who had been taking care of him since he was a child. He also had evil thoughts. It was simply a heinous crime! He struggled to get up, but before he could straighten up,Nail Making Machine price, his feet were weak, and he fell down again. Half of his cheek was swollen high, and there was more red blood flowing down from the corners of his mouth. However, the pain of the body at the moment he did not seem to feel, only in the heart with never had the fear, shouted at himself: "What's wrong, what's wrong, what's wrong with you, are you crazy?"? He raised his head in a daze and looked at the people in front of him. All of them were strangers at the moment, and they looked at him as if they were strangers they had never seen before. What's going on with all this? Zhang Xiaofan stood up with difficulty,Nail production machine, no one spoke, everyone looked at him, but looking at his expression, it was far more confused than afraid, as if he did not know what had happened. Song Daren, after all, loved Zhang Xiaofan from the bottom of his heart. He turned to Tian Yi and said, "Master, Younger Martial Brother, he doesn't mean disrespect. He just, just.." "Shut up!" Tian is not easy to exclaim, Song Daren dare not say any more. The short and fat Tian Yi looked like an angry God towering into the sky at the moment, walking towards Zhang Xiaofan step by step. Zhang Xiaofan's face showed a trace of fear, this, after all, is his most feared master since childhood, he can not even imagine what he will face next? Suddenly, a white figure, blocked in front of Zhang Xiaofan. The crowd was shocked. Lin Jingyu's face was like frost and his eyebrows were wrinkled, wire nail machine manufacturers ,Automatic nail machine, but in the face of the world-famous Dazhu Peak of Qingyun Gate, he was still as fearless as when he was a teenager. "He stood there, dressed in white like snow, nailed to the ground like a nail, and did not move a minute. Even if there were stormy waves ahead, it seemed that he could not be touched." In the sound of the dragon singing, the dragon sword was suddenly unsheathed, and the green light enveloped him and Zhang Xiaofan, two people with the same life experience. With an awe-inspiring air, he didn't even look at his elder brother Qi Hao, whom he had always respected, who kept winking at him. "If you dare to touch Xiaofan again, kill me first!" He said decisively. Qi Hao gasped and peeked at Tian Yi, only to see that Tian Yi's face at the moment was as ugly as it could be, almost the color of a pig's liver. He was so angry that he didn't want to know. But as the first disciple of Longshoufeng, there was no reason for him to avoid it. Moreover, Lin Jingyu had always been deeply loved by his teacher Cangsong Taoist. In any case, he could not ignore it. But when he looked at Tian Yi's expression, he knew that it was useless to persuade him. He could only run over quickly. As soon as he pulled Lin Jingyu, he whispered, "You're crazy, Younger Martial Brother. This is their internal family affairs of Dazhufeng." Why are you meddling? Even if my teacher is here, I can't say anything. Come with me quickly! Unexpectedly, Lin Jingyu was very different today. He snorted and said, "If I leave, I don't know how far I'm going to be tortured by this man.". He was born alone, like me, and if I wasn't on his side, no one else in the world would be on his side. "As he spoke, his eyes were like lightning, and he looked straight at the door of Dazhufeng. Although he knew that the strength gap was too big, he looked at his expression. For the sake of the brother behind him, he put life and death aside.". Qi Hao was dumb. Seeing that Younger Martial Brother Lin had a cow temper, he was so anxious that he ignored it. Suddenly, he saw a hand on Lin Jingyu's shoulder. Lin Jingyu was startled. Looking back, he saw Zhang Xiaofan standing behind him. Half of his face was swollen, but his eyes were full of tears. His voice was choked with sobs. "Jingyu, you, I accept your heart. Now it's my fault. I'll admit my mistake to the master. You go back with Elder Martial Brother Qi first." Lin Jingyu frowned and was about to speak when he heard Qi Hao whispering in his ear, "Younger Martial Brother Lin, if you stay here again, I'm afraid you'll make Martial Uncle Tian more and more angry. Instead, you'll hurt Younger Martial Brother Zhang. Go, go!" Said forcibly pulled him away, Lin Jingyu is struggling, but looked at Zhang Xiaofan slightly pleading eyes, heart hesitated, pull and pull, half a day was finally pulled away by Qi Hao, when he walked back to look at Zhang Xiaofan here step by step. Tian Yi's face was so ugly that everyone at Dazhufeng looked at each other, but no one dared to say a word. Zhang Xiaofan walked up to him silently, knelt down, bent his head on the ground in front of him, and remained motionless. Tian Yi gave a sneer and said, "Ah, I don't deserve it. Who is this? The way is so high and the murderous look is so great. Do you still have me as a master in your eyes?" As soon as Zhang Xiaofan's body shook, he only knocked his head three times, but without raising his head, he still bent over the ground. Song Daren and the others had always loved this Younger Martial Brother. Seeing him like this,Automatic Nail Making Machine, they had long forgotten Zhang Xiaofan's strange appearance just now. They said to Tian Buyi one after another, "Master, Younger Martial Brother.." 。 3shardware.com