Wang Mengs Works: Selected Absurd Novels-Wang Meng

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Neighbor! Neighbor. The song of the moon and mother. Why can't I remember? You're crying. There's nothing

Neighbor! Neighbor. The song of the moon and mother. Why can't I remember? You're crying. There's nothing more innocent and rude than forgetting. It doesn't matter if you complain a little, but you finally came. You blame me because you have the faith to tell me who you are. However, I forgot. I have no idea who you are. I'm silent, too. I can't know who you look like. I can't know your beauty. A long silence. I don't know how you disappear in silence, just as I don't know how you disappear in silence. How it came to be. Or you're not gone, you're still with me, I still can't see you. It seems that the sound of a harp is swaying with the wind, so it comes to you, and your fashion is like the morning glow and the clear stream. You His voice is like wind chimes and Yao Pei. I was overjoyed and I said: So that's you. I have been waiting for you for a long time. I know that some people will never see you in their lives. I Know that the people who are estranged from you are twice as good as half the effort, walk a hundred miles and mark time, run out of blood, shrivel up and die, repeatedly. Deliberate and more and more sad. How unfair God is. And I, I have the honor of your favor, I appreciate. "Your charm, I resonate with your trembling, I embrace your vitality, I am too happy!" You don't answer. You just whisper the story of you and me. You said, "I might as well compare myself to a bird.". To be more accurate, I am no longer a bird. I'm just the soul of a bird. I have long known your kindness and sensitivity. When you are as young as grass. I often read new books with you. We actually had a lot of conversations, but it was too simple. You say 'Huh? ' I said, 'Ah!' You say, 'Eh?' I said, 'Oh!' You say, 'La la la..' I Say,gynostemma pentaphyllum leaf extract, 'Ha ha ha..' This is how we should enjoy our common youth. "I see.". So you are the soul of the bird who is always with me and who comforts and inspires me. I I often wonder why I was in such good spirits when I was young. When I read a book, I seem to hear your [] net disk Baidu cloud search resources, search novels, search movies is easy to use. Chirp, when I sing a song, I seem to be bathed in spring rain, and when I see a person, I seem to open a fan. The gate of the cave. And then I couldn't do it anymore. Because I lost you. I often want to let me experience one again. The joy of walking with you, to restore my youth at the age of nineteen and twenty again, and to have such experience again. I would rather give up everything after that. You stopped me with your hand. You said, "At your age, it would be unseemly to say such a thing." Let me be sorry for you. What it should be is what it is, and nature is beauty. In fact, lutein and zeaxanthin supplements ,lycopene for skin, I have always been with you. You Do you remember? At the beginning of that year's movement, you had already wanted to die, and you had done it for yourself. With the rope and sleeping pills, how did you survive? [Http://] Baidu cloud search engine, looking for novels, looking for movies, chasing dramas. It's you! I shouted, "What sound did I hear when I was about to say goodbye to this world?" Le! Vigorous and euphemistic, sad and cheerful, there are solos and ensembles, there are pianos and saxophones, I suddenly understand Come on, the world still has a taste anyway! Even bad luck is the material of melody, and overbearing is symphonic. Beat. How can I die? You saved my life! You are my benefactor, I thank you! Don't say that. I didn't have to save you. I'm just making my voice heard, I'm just telling Everything that people have in the world. But what I want to say is that you finally killed me. "What did you say?" I was so frightened that I almost held my breath. Then you got a black cat, you castrated its organs, you fed it a lot of beef, and you held it in your arms. When you receive a guest in your arms, you take a picture with it and publish it in the celebrity pictorial. You appreciate its cruelty. It takes all its prey. Go to your door and play the game of catch and release, so that the prey dies in its claws a little bit because of injury and fear. And you applaud it. Is there such a thing? "Yes.". But that's how the world was created. The law of the jungle, big fish eat small fish, ecological balance, if Without cats and other carnivores, including people, other animals in this world will because of the lack of competition and elimination. Net disk resource search, net disk search artifact (novels, movies, TV series) Weaken down. Very good. That's how I was eliminated. There will be no place for me in the competition and fighting. I know There is only the old, that is, the old love and kindness. And there is less and less need for love and kindness in your world. I was awestruck. I lowered my head. Your arrival is like a rolling ring, clanging and chattering, so noisy. As soon as you came, you sat on my lap, put your arms around my neck, kissed my face, and pushed me away. Pick me up when I fall and push me away when I get close to you. I'm going to sing you a song. You say. Just as well. I've never seen you before, Might as well come and invite you. Let's have a moment together, And then forget each other. I don't need your understanding. I don't want to know you. I am only willing to be like a ball. [Http://] Netdisk Baidu cloud search resources, search novels, search movies is easy to use. Roll over and over again. I would like to be like a spray. [Http://] Netdisk Resource Search, Netdisk Search Artifact (Novels,fenugreek saponins, Movies, TV Series) Gallop over and disappear without trace. I would like to be a little fish. Swim in and out of the net. Why don't you come with me? Why don't you come with me? With me, you will be full of life.