Demon-seeking _ ear root _ txt novel paradise

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Demon-seeking _ ear root _ txt novel paradiseDemon-seeking _ ear root _ txt novel paradiseDemon-seeking _ ear root _ txt novel paradise

Three months later, one morning, Su Ming put away the red grass under his feet, put the bones of the two bone species into the storage bag, and put the medicine tripod in the same way, and walked out of the lining hole. He did not look back, step by step toward the distance, every time the footsteps fall, make the earth's silt tremble, like the pressure from Su Ming's body, can let these insects exist in the silt far away. For a year and a half, Su Mingru was reborn. When he was forced to flee here, he had more than 200 blood lines on his body, but now, under the mountain spirit powder, it has reached 399. After the mountain spirit powder failed, in these three months, he absorbed all the two drops of barbarian blood. Now the blood line.. "Zephyr, how far is the treasure you said?" Su Ming walked in the rainforest, and every step he took was several feet away. He wore a blue gown and walked to avoid many strange insects on the ground. Even some strange flowers, plants, birds, and animals nearby were under pressure and did not dare to approach. Master, it takes about half a month to go from here. It's where I live in a cave house, but it's very secret. It's hard for outsiders to find it. In Su Ming's mind, the echo of the gentle wind with a respectful voice, this voice in addition to with respect, there is surprise, as if Su Ming is now for the change of cultivation, is very surprised. Su Ming looked indifferent, did not speak all the way,inflatable bounce house with slide, walked silently for a few days, came out from the depths of the rainforest, as it came out, the spirit gradually thinned, to the end, has completely dispersed. Not far away, he could see the healing cave where he had lived. Xuanlun is not there, Hanfeizi is not there, this rainforest is very big, the way out is extending in all directions, few people can completely monitor,Inflatable mechanical bull, and most importantly, after the Zephyr was assimilated by Su Ming's brand, the brand left by Zephyr on Xuanlun and Hanfeizi, Su Ming can also feel it, if these two people are close, he can find it in advance. Before the wind is not to listen to the words of Hanfeizi, after some calculation, through the crisis to open the dust, will not let Xuanlun catch up, thus ending up today. Just as he was about to walk out of the rain forest and go to the place of treasure mentioned by Zephyr, Su Ming suddenly paused. He thought about it, shook his body, got up and came to a big lining. He sat down cross-legged, closed his eyes, spread his brand, and began to meditate. For Su Ming's action, the wind can see, quite puzzled, but he did not disturb, this more than half a year, he has been very careful, inflatable castle with slide ,large inflatable water slide, in his feeling, Su Ming's mind, he gradually some more and more uncertain. Sunrise and sunset, day by day, Su Ming always sat there cross-legged, motionless, as if waiting for something, the wind became more and more curious, several times wanted to ask, but thinking of Su Ming's gloom for more than half a year, he held back. Until a month and a half later, when a voice came from far away in the rainforest, Su Ming opened his eyes and smiled at the corners of his mouth. Senior. Senior.. The second volume of wind and cold weather Chapter 136 Hanshan Heavy Treasure Square wood a face depressed, he did not know why, the mysterious ink predecessors in more than a year ago no longer pay attention to themselves, let themselves come several times, again and again call, but finally dim and return. ( m) He did not know what he had done wrong, always recalling the scenes of the last meeting before, analyzing and analyzing, he felt like the reason for the bone knife. Half a year ago, he couldn't help talking to his father about it. His father was silent at that time and did not open his mouth. But a few days later, his father told him that the other party had left the rainforest and left in a hurry, as if he had met with an accident. Fang Mu heard this, silent for a long time, he also thought about giving up, but that last time, Su Ming's words can be 70% of its healing words, so that Fang Mu is not willing to give up. Although his father had told him that the other party had left, Fangmu would come here once a month, calling for several days in a row, hoping to respond one day. For more than a year, he had almost never stopped, and he felt that this was his only chance. Fangmu knew that his actions were in the eyes of his father, which could be seen from the fact that every time his father came and went to the rainforest, he still let the strong people in the clan protect him, and according to his past habits, he stayed on the details outside the rainforest. Recalling all this in his mind, Fangmu sighed and walked alone in the rainforest, sometimes shouting habitually. Senior. Senior.. Fangmu came to the place where he met Su Ming for the last time and looked around with a dim look. The herbs I told you to prepare. Are they ready? A calm voice, leisurely behind the square wood, although the voice is abrupt, but in this rainforest, as if it should exist, there is a sense of integration with here. Fang Mu was stunned, turned around fiercely, and saw the familiar figure standing in the same place in that year. Front Senior! Fang Mu's body trembled, his eyes showed ecstasy, and his breathing became rapid, somewhat unbelievable. (724 hours of uninterrupted updates of pure txt hand-written novel m) "The younger generation of animal bones, which are comparable to the dust, are ready to pass." Fang Mu looked at Su Ming, afraid that the other party would disappear again, and when Fang finally appeared, he immediately explained with anxiety. It's just that the three herbs are rare. My father helped me search for them for a long time, but only two were found. The last herb, Tianlaizhi, has been extinct for a long time in the land of Nanchen. Unless there are some special places, it's hard for the outside world to find it. Fang Mu said, and immediately took out a black bell from his bosom and crushed it in front of Su Ming. As soon as the black fog dispersed, two purple animal bones appeared in front of the square wood, as well as two herbs with brilliant awn. Most of Su Ming's body was hidden in the darkness, where he looked at the square wood and the animal bones and herbs in front of him, and fell silent. "Senior, you give me some more time." Fangmu's heart was pounding and he was quite nervous. I want you to find these herbs in order to refine a kind of liquid medicine, which is very useful to me and can indirectly help you dispel the wounds of barbarians in your body. Su Ming spoke slowly. If the same is missing,inflatable amusement park, the liquid medicine is very difficult to be refined. Fangmu gritted his teeth, folded his fists and bowed to Su Ming, looking up with a dignified look.