The Reappearance Myth of Online Games

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The Reappearance Myth of Online GamesThe Reappearance Myth of Online Games

As for how the two 7-rank Warcraft Bss pet eggs could hatch plants, the night did not think much about it. First, there was indeed such a possibility. Second, his requirements for pets had been honed over time, and the arrow tips he relied on were much less. Of course, there is also a possibility that the reason why two unusual Bss fight is entirely because of this pet egg. Two 7th rank Warcraft Bss are fighting to the death for the pet egg, which is absolutely extraordinary. If so, the value of this pet egg is extraordinary. Eyes fell on the position of a slightly blurred plant, here is just flashing purple position, faintly can see a trace of vines, the same is the appearance of purple, should be the heyday, fully grown up after the death of hell vines. The whole vine is like a huge house winding around, with a hint of death. How can you be so fierce when you grow up? Suye looked at the image and said with a relieved smile at the hell death vine that tickled his palm with the vine. It seemed that he really understood what the night said, and the tiny vines on the top of the death vines in hell began to shake. It seems that after watching it, he expressed his little excitement, pride and loveliness to the sleeping night. Haha, Suye was amused and checked his pet information by the way. Hell Death Vine (King): Grade: 1; hp,1;p1; Skill: None. Growth: infancy. Can evolve to become the king of the species in this plant family, moving slowly. It turns out that the king can evolve into the king of the death vine species in hell. After reading the instructions, I understand what the so-called king means. It seems that the so-called king can let his pet compete for the king of this species. However, it seems that the night is not particularly important, the childhood does not even have a skill, it seems that it is not very suitable for fighting. After teasing a few happy little vines, he began to pay attention to the words of the gods. Prepare to read it in one breath, and then go to explore a few important places in the forbidden temple, maybe you can find some hidden secrets. Since this is one of the temples where the gods live, that is to say, since there is a transfer hall of the water system, there may also be the possibility of transfer halls of other departments. If it is really found, then it is definitely an opportunity for exhibition. Thinking of this guess,316 stainless steel plate, Suye began to hurriedly translate and recite the written records of the gods on the wall. Chapter 461, the inheritance of the craftsman God! Chapter 461, the inheritance of the craftsman God! Chapter 461, the inheritance of the craftsman God. "King of species, it turns out that it really comes from the murals. Although the murals are mottled and incomplete, they still retain some of the blood inheritance of these race creatures, with the brand of the king. When the ancient creatures enter here, their young children may get the inheritance of the brand of the king, become the king of species, and may become the next king.." Just walked to the front of the wall, looking at the words recorded above, the night gradually looked at, immediately quite surprised tunnel. From this point, he could see that the status of the whole temple was very high. He could imagine the huge social system that remained at that time, as well as the significance of the existence of the Holy Land. The brand of the king alone, the whole Holy Land was enough for hundreds of millions of people to make pilgrimages. Imagine all kinds of different races, uns s31803 sheet ,uns s32750 sheet, in the period of pilgrimage, select the strong species of the race to come in and worship. By chance, he was chosen to be the king of the species, and the king of the species who was chosen immediately increased his status. This undoubtedly shows the framework of a huge ancient system. Surprised, Suye thought slightly, since those gods have left behind these inheritance, will there be anything else left behind, the brand of those races, whether they can get it. However, what does the mural of the craftsman God who forged countless weapons mean? Can weapons also be obtained? Thinking of this, the curious eyes of the night looked intently at the mural. In the murals with ancient atmosphere, a man is among these things, holding a huge hammer in his hand, turning his upper body red, as if forging these weapons, and every weapon and armor seems to be forged from his hands. At this glance, there is no casual at the first glance. On the contrary, there seems to be some force pulling the mural, so that he unconsciously sank into the general, the slow passage of time, still unaware. Suddenly, a clear voice, will be immersed in the murals of the night all over a shock. He woke up on the spot. Ding, system prompt: Congratulations on obtaining the inheritance of Craftsman God (incomplete) In the mind, inexplicably jumped out of a system prompt, leaving a message in the night of consternation, that is, fleeting. Even so, Suye was stunned, "What, what, the inheritance of the craftsman God?" Completely unresponsive, he repeated, feeling a little incredible, and even wondered if he had misheard. Checked the system, and the result is really not wrong. Obtained the inheritance of the craftsman God. Murmured, the expression of the night is a little speechless, he came here for the purpose of looking for the inheritance of the gods, but he did not calculate, he actually got the inheritance of the craftsmen. Could it be that I have become a laborious life and can only forge iron to live? He laughed at himself with a silent wry smile. Originally thought that it was also a God inheritance of the water system, but unexpectedly, he also made a craftsman God inheritance. But also belongs to the kind of half-disabled incomplete inheritance, which makes him a little speechless, directly let him make a murmur. He shook his head and turned around to sort out the contents of the inheritance of the craftsman God. Immediately, the content of the inheritance of the craftsman God is very simple. That is, materials, forging, forging again, and then forged equipment. With the emergence of the inheritance of the craftsman God,x70 line pipe, the original learning of secondary professional auxiliary skills, tailoring skills also began to improve. There is also an ancient forging skill. Both of them have reached the level of rank 5 and can forge the equipment of various professions of rank 5. It even includes the equipment of hidden professions, which is a pie in the sky for the night.