I enjoy myself

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I enjoy myselfI enjoy myselfI enjoy myselfI enjoy myselfI enjoy myself

This is a bit of a pun. The smile on Chunyi's smiling face disappeared a little. He bowed his back slightly and said, "Thanks to Your Highness's love, it is the slave's duty to serve the master. The slave dares not mention hard work." "That's a good point." She nodded, her eyes sliding up from his mask and looking straight at the slightly raised phoenix eyes. She said with an expressionless face, "To be a slave, the most important thing is to be loyal and abide by one's duty.". I just want to remind my father-in-law to be sure to understand the current situation. Whose person you are, who gave you the status and status you are now, who is your master, you must recognize clearly and clearly, do not slip and delay your life. At this point, even the dullest person can hear the overtones. She was sarcastic and half threatening, but her smiling face was the same as before. A few smiles appeared in the corners of her eyes. She said lightly, "The slave obeys the teachings of the imperial concubine and dares not forget each other." "It's best not to forget.". A wise man knows how to judge the hour and size up the situation. My father-in-law has a delicate heart with seven orifices. Don't be confused if you shouldn't be confused. You know the master's temperament best. If something goes wrong in the future, even Da Luo Jinxian will be helpless. Take care of yourself. 。” A Jiu finished squinting at him and walked sideways from his side with his back straight, his voice scattered in the wind, indifferent as stagnant water. The palm print lowered his eyebrows and gathered his eyes. He tucked his hands in and retreated respectfully to one side. "I'll see you off, slave," he said in a deep voice. A Jiu did not look back and went straight ahead along the veranda. Jin Yu, however, seemed to be reluctant to leave. She looked back several times in a row. For the last time, she looked at Zheng Baode's eyes. A flower burst into a smile on her face. She turned around and smiled,ultrasonic metal welding, secretly pleased. Yu Qian looked at the side inexplicably and pushed the girl on the shoulder. "What are you looking back at?" He asked. Jin Yu was suddenly stunned and shook his head like a rattle. "I didn't see anything, I didn't see anything." The bottom of my heart seems to fly up a bird, cleared away the heavy clouds, rampage into the blue sky. A line of people had already walked a long way, but this Zheng Baode was still looking longingly, his eyes were straight, wishing he could not grow on people. The inner supervisor on the side called him tentatively and whispered, "Young supervisor?"? Shaojian? At first,Ultrasonic emulsifier machines, there was no response, and the little eunuch had no choice but to shout at the top of his voice. Zheng Baode was so frightened that he raised his head several feet high and immediately returned to his soul. He raised his hand and hit him with an ear scraper. The little eunuch's round hat was knocked off. He quickly picked it up and put it on. "Do you want to scare me to death?" He said. The little eunuch rubbed his head and scolded in his heart, but his face was still submissive. "Damn the little one, damn the little one," the cat said. Zheng Baode spat fiercely and looked up, but he didn't see the shadow of the palm print. In a hurry, he turned around and said, "Where is Governor Zhao?" "The Governor left first, just when you were dead." Go first? Zheng Shaojian is stupefied, also do not care about other, holding whisk to catch up with in a hurry. No need to ask also know where the governor went, Cining Palace made such a big battle, with toes want to know, the governor this is to give Xinrong Diji a mess! Poor to see, ultrasonic cutting machine ,ultrasonic spray nozzle, think about it carefully, the governor is also unlucky, who is not good, must stand on such a little ancestor, lack of wisdom, but also like to Wade into the muddy water. Back to let people take a knife to make, but also have to involve them to supervise the Lord, really make people nervous! The eunuchs in the palace had a hard life, and the kungfu on their feet was all practiced. Zheng Baode ran out of breath, but fortunately he caught up with Chunyixiao and sweated like rain. He opened his mouth and shouted to the governor. Smiling, Chunyi walked forward without squinting. Suddenly he said, "Now the Royal Guards are all catching assassins. The palace is bound to be in a mess everywhere.". Just now a message came from Fanzi in Kyoto, saying that some people from the State of Zhou had sneaked into the inner court. Shi sent them down and showed me everything in the palace. Don't let people fish in troubled waters. The voice of the palm print has always been warm and flowing. However, the words fell to the ground and made people feel cold all over for no reason. Zheng Baode's heart was shocked, but his face was not obvious. He just handed his hand and said, "Don't worry, Governor. The slave must send more people to guard the fortress in the palace. He will never let people take advantage of it and make waves.". "After a pause, he quietly looked at his face and said hesitantly," Governor, there's been a lot of hubbub in the palace about Emperor Xinrong poisoning the Empress Dowager. I'm afraid it's hard to end it. Look.. " He seemed quite tired, pinching his eyebrows and waving his hand. "It's my own flesh and blood. I can't make any big mistakes." Baode answered and asked, "Governor, how are you going to deal with the people who have been sent out to hold the prime minister?" "Kill them all and leave no one alive." His tone was indifferent, and he mentioned that he had crossed the gate of the Cining Palace. "Remember to be clean and neat. The prime minister, who is under one person and above ten thousand people, is extremely clever. He must not be allowed to see the clue." "Don't worry, Governor," said Baode. "Everything has been done according to your instructions. The bucket has been buckled on the head of the State of Zhou. God and ghost don't know." A Jiu can also afford the four words of deus ex machina. Things went exactly the same way as she had expected. Xinrong cried in the Palace of Heavenly Purity, took the white silk and shouted to hang himself, scaring all the palace people out of their wits. Chunyixiao deserves to be an opera singer, kneeling on the ground with tears flowing, and actually quite full of voice and emotion. Those who have been framed and framed will come as soon as they open their mouths, and they won't even stutter. The emperor had just begun, but in the middle of the night, news came from the side of the Cining Palace that the dying queen mother had woken up and scolded Mammy Qin, asserting that someone else had poisoned her. Given a step, it is natural to go down. The emperor relented, and finally punished her to face the wall and think about it for half a day on the grounds that Xinrong made a scene in the Palace of Heavenly Purity, and the storm in the city came to an end. Rain stopped in the middle of the night, but the wind did not stop, whirring to blow over, grasp the window drawer, suddenly put out the candle on the table. The candle went out, but the room was not completely darkened. A Jiu turned over on the embroidery bed and looked out through the gauze curtain. A downpour brought with it the moonlight like a jade plate, glittering like water, spreading all over the floor. She watched in a trance, and her mind was still thinking about the day. The relationship between the queen mother and Xie Jingchen,ultrasonic generator driver, I am afraid, is far more than simple on the surface. What is the relationship between the Miaojiang musician who died twenty-five years ago and him? In other words, will these three be related at the same time. fycgsonic.com