Figure hanging play protagonist [wear quickly]

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Figure hanging play protagonist [wear quickly]Figure hanging play protagonist [wear quickly]Figure hanging play protagonist [wear quickly]

In the current situation, the two-pronged approach is indeed the fastest, so she plans to take the path of the original woman while looking for a fake marriage. But this marriage candidate is not easy to choose. First of all, she wants a fake marriage, so this person should not have feelings for her, and should be strong, so as to avoid falling in love with her in the future; fake marriage can not be seen by others, so this person's intelligence quotient has to pass, and his ability has to pass; the fake marriage partner should get along with her for a long time in the future, so she should not hate this person. These three conditions must be complete, but the second condition is easy to find, and the first and third conditions are really not easy to handle. Lin Luo counted the people he knew one by one over and over again, and finally found that he had not found a suitable person at all. The system listened to Lin Luo in silence, thinking that the man was quite suitable. Finally, Lin Luo gave up gloomily. It's not that she didn't think of Gu Xiyu, almost when the idea of fake marriage first appeared, the figure of Gu Xiyu appeared in her mind, but she jumped over it subconsciously. That man, she had doubts and puzzles in her heart. She subconsciously wanted to keep a certain distance from him. It was too intimate to get along with him day and night. But when she could no longer find a suitable person, she saw a man standing upright in front of her, his usually straight face looking at her in surprise, as if wondering why she was here. At this moment, Lin Luo had a feeling in his heart that "heaven has a way you don't go, hell has no way you break in". Chapter 53 Entertainment Circle 4. Gu Xi is tracing the trace of the jade finger wrench. Before the positioning to the B city, he was quite worried that the jade finger would find Lin Luo again. He breathed a sigh of relief when he located the specific position of the jade wrench finger. He knew that Lin Luo was a very nerdy person, and the position of the jade wrench finger today has been changing, indicating that at least the jade wrench finger is not on Lin Luo. As long as it's not on Lin Luo, it's easy to handle. He had been guilty of almost cheating to get the jade wrench before, and if it was in her hands again, and he wanted to get the jade wrench from her again, he really couldn't guarantee that he would tell the truth directly. The little girl was a magical person who could make him feel good about her in a few days. But unfortunately, they are not from the same world. Gu Xi while cranky while tracing the exact location of the jade wrench finger, just located it within ten meters of him when he looked up in the direction of it. As a result, I saw a beautiful girl walking leisurely, frowning slightly, as if she was worried about something. What is she worried about? Is there anything he can do for her? Smoothing her frowning brows? Make her smile again? No. Why is she here? Gu Xi looked at the closer and closer positioning and the closer and closer girl in the line of sight, and his eyebrows were tightly wrinkled. Lin Luo said, touch screen kiosk , "Are you here?" Her manner was relaxed, as if his sudden appearance here were a very common thing. Gu Xi withdrew his surprised expression and gave a faint answer. Have you had dinner Lin Luo asked again. Gu Xi: ".." He shook his head gently. People like him can't eat for a few days. He always eats when he needs it. Only when he's with her does he eat on time every day. Then let's go and eat! Lin Luo went over him and continued to walk ahead. He stepped forward, kept the same pace as Lin Luo, and walked side by side with her. Lin Luo was a little silent today, and his frowning brows did not loosen, as if there was something in his heart. Gu Xi feels very strange, she is such a very special girl, what kind of thing can let her worry so long? Can he do something for her to ease the sense of guilt in his heart? For Gu Xi's question, Lin Luo shook her head at first to show that it was not convenient to say, but her eyebrows became tighter and tighter, as if she was saying to Gu Xi, "Ask me quickly, keep asking.". Usually if someone refused Gu Xi once, Gu Xi would never ask again, but in the face of Lin Luo, he could not help but insist on one more point. So after a moment of silence, he asked Lin Luo again, almost patting his chest and saying that he must have helped her. Lin Luo said in distress: "I do have one thing, very much need help, but I do not know how to say, after all, this matter is really troublesome." Gu Xi asked, "Can I help you with this?" Lin Luo took a quick glance at him and pretended to be a little embarrassed and said, "By rights, it's all right." "It just makes it hard for you to do it." Lin Luo added very seriously, "It's hard to do." Lin Luo's earnest expression made Gu Xi want to laugh a little, but looking at her frowning, he could not laugh now, so he had to show a gentle expression as far as possible and said gently, "You say, if I can do it, I will not refuse." And the jade wrench is still on her body. If he wants to get the jade wrench from her again, he is bound to lie to her again. He will feel much better if he can help her. Are you telling the truth? Are you sure you won't refuse? Lin Luo looked at each other with wide eyes, with doubts and complete trust in his eyes. Gu Xi could not help nodding, although he had been deceived by the same eyes many times, but for this girl, he still trusted in his heart. She could return the jade finger to him without hesitation, and of course he could trust her completely. Lin Luo felt that she had to try her best to control the muscles on her face in order to suppress the laughter that was about to blurt out. The expression of Gu Xi and (Gu Xi)'s promise was so funny that she had thought that if the other party did not agree, she would use the jade finger wrench as a condition to marry her for a period of time. But since the other side is so sincere, she also shows her sincerity. By the way, didn't you like the jade finger wrench very much last time? Lin Luo pretended to remember something. Gu Xi looked at her a little nervously and nodded stiffly. Lin Luo pulled out the jade finger from the bag beside him and handed it to Gu Xi: "Dang Dang Dang, you see, I saw another one last time and gave it to you." 。