The star path is lost

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The star path is lostThe star path is lostThe star path is lostThe star path is lostThe star path is lost

"We?" Lin Qilie laughed and said, "We are the descendants of mankind, and this time we are looking for our roots." "Find your roots..?" Shi Liangmu was so confused that he could not speak for a moment. Chen Xin said in a slightly calm voice, "Since this is not the earth.." May I trouble you to guide the direction of the earth? It's not easy for us to find it all the way. Then an old man, who was ignorant of the old man's faith, suddenly said, "Shi Zuofu, there is a guest coming from far away. We should entertain him a little first, and then talk about other things." Shi Liangmu nodded and said, "Exactly. Six of you, please go to the bottom for a short rest. We have to ask you a lot of advice." Chen Xin and the others hit the spot, so Lin Qilie opened his mouth and said, "In that case, please lead the way." "Please." Shi Liangmu turned around and floated down. Dozens of people fell to the square in front of a wooden square building in the city of Nifu. Shi Liangmu bowed back and said, "The name of this star is Phoenix Star. It is under the rule of the Earth Temple. This is the political center of this star, Nifu City. Please come in." Hearing this, Chen Xin could not help scolding in his heart. The temple not only eradicated the Federation, but also sent someone to manage the Phoenix Star. It was really greedy, but it was not easy to scold, so he had to endure it first. After landing, the four maidservants naturally followed Chen Xin's footsteps and did not dare to say a word. Everyone was surprised to see that the four maidservants seemed to be very young and could actually fly across the universe. In fact, the four maids had not yet reached the realm of cutting off water, but the way they practiced their inner breath was very different from that of the people on earth, and these people could not see anything. They entered the central building and walked to the front of the hall. Shi Liangmu slowly slowed down his pace. They also stopped. Chen Xin suddenly pretended to be confused and said: "It is said that the earth has a large population. Since it is under the rule of the earth,Interactive digital signage, why are there so few people here?" Embarrassed, Shi Liangmu turned around and said, "It's not long since the earth immigrated here. In addition, there was quite a lot of trouble a while ago, so the situation is not very good now. It's really a shame.." Xiatian is the left assistant of the temple, Shi Liangmu. He is in charge of this planet for the time being. I haven't asked you how to call him yet. Lin Qilie said, "We come from a distant dream star. Under the rule of Emperor Tianguang, a human race from the mainland of Mugutu, I am Lin Qilie,digital whiteboard price, the Supreme Dragon General. I follow the prince, Liu Dongyan, the God King of Heaven. These four are the maidservants of the God King, spring, summer, autumn and winter." After consulting with Xue Ganshang and others, Chen Xin decided to use the original name and background to deal with it. Except that Chen Xin had to change his name, remove the radical and turn it into Dongyan, and then put on a royal surname to pretend to be the son of Emperor Tianguang, the others were all real identities, so there should be no flaws. It turned out to be the arrival of the God King from heaven. Shih Liang-mu saw that this heavenly king's whole body was flowing with precious light, just like colorful colored glaze, as if he were not flesh and blood. His face was covered with a piece of luminous silk screen, and his expression and age could not be seen. What was strange was that the long knife on his body was also transparent. Could it be an ornament? How to look and can not see the depth, this person does not know what kind of monster, the other five people's breath flow way Shi Liangmu although slightly induction, but it is unheard of, outdoor digital signage displays ,information kiosk price, and human beings can practice the meridians seem to be different, is it possible that these people are not human? Shi Liangmu did not dare to lose his courtesy and said respectfully, "Please come to the guest seat to serve tea." Chen Xin replied with half a salute and said, "We each have different subdivisions. Your Excellency is the head of this star, and your status is by no means inferior to mine. You don't need to be more courteous." Then he made way with Shi Liangmu. The guests and hosts were seated, and the four servants stood behind Chen Xin. Chen Xin looked around and saw that only six people came in with them. There were only three temple elders, and the other three were elders dressed differently from the elders. Even Elder He did not come in. Of the six, Chen Xin only knew Shi Liangmu. So Chen Xin first said, "Shi Zuofu, I don't know what to call the others." Shi Liangmu hurriedly said, "It's my negligence. These three are Elder Fang, Elder Nan, and Elder Zhuo in the temple. They are detached from the temple establishment. This time they are specially here to help rebuild the Phoenix Star. These two are Du Pan, Du Lou Ling, and Tu Ya Quan, Tu Xiao Qi. They are my right-hand men on the Phoenix Star.". ” Chen Xinxiang five people to see the ceremony, looked at a moment, the three elders are old, in fact, almost long, white-haired white male with white robes, calm expression, Du Pan and Tu Yaquan two middle-aged people are very different, Du Pan as the name suggests, like a rock in general the edges and corners of life, the face is calm, just reminded Shi Liangmu is Du Pan, but Tu Yaquan is not elegant at all. The body is slightly fat and the face is shiny, it can be said that the face is full of red light, after seeing the people are quite interested, the eyes can not stop looking at the people, it seems that the stomach is full of questions and it is not easy to ask. After waiting for the servant to serve tea and everyone took a sip, Shi Liangmu first said, "Since you are from a planet called Dream Star, I don't know how far it is from here." "According to the records of our ancestors, the time unit of the Dream Star is only hours, which is the same as that of the Earth. We have flown more than 26,000 hours in the sky.." About three more years on your earth. Lin Qilie said unhurriedly: "It is not easy to find a portal in our star field that cannot be seen by the naked eye, and only then did we arrive at this place where there are countless planets. If it were not for the direction left by our ancestors, we really don't know how long we would have to look for it." As soon as Shi Liangmu calculated in his mind, more than three years ago it was the time when Chen Xin and his party had no news at all, so he asked tentatively, "Excuse me.." How many people on earth have been to this planet? Lin Qilie frowned, shook his head and said, "That was more than two thousand years ago. How do we know?" Although Shi Liangmu felt relaxed in his heart, he said in surprise, "For more than two thousand years.." How could humans leave the earth at that time? Lin Qilie replied, "According to our ancestors, the time and space there are not the same as here.." There have been two changes, and we don't know the details. However, according to the ancestors, after a great change more than two thousand years ago, all human beings and then to the Dream Star could not escape the fate of falling to death, so when future generations finally found a way to fly out of the Dream Star,temperature screening kiosk, they had to return to Earth to prevent anyone from going there again. Shi Liangmu said in surprise, "So that's it.." Three years ago, we sent a group of people to fly there. Did they also.. 。