Mirror Dragon War

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Mirror Dragon WarMirror Dragon WarMirror Dragon WarMirror Dragon WarMirror Dragon War

Sister, sister also did such a thing with this shark man in those days? So you can't be the Crown Princess, so you jump down from the top of the White Tower at the wedding ceremony? In a moment of imagination, the girl did not notice the drastic changes around her. Nvluo all retreated to the ground and disappeared. At that moment, the huge shadow moved through the sky, the roaring air rolled through the sky, and the trees at the foot of Jiuyi Mountain fluctuated like water plants in the waves, rippling in waves. In the front of the lightning-like formation, there was a machine more than twice the size of the same kind, red and black in color, one wing red and one wing black, shining brightly in the sun. The huge machine moved so fast that it led the wind falcon formation all the way to the end of the north. A pair of birds? Youhuang opened his eyes wide and murmured incredibly, "They." A pair of birds?! The Cangliu Empire has been founded for nearly a hundred years, and the army has been established for more than fifty years. However, there are only five pairs of bird seats that can be used under his command. Generally, only ten sorcery-level veterans can use them. Fifty years ago, Marshal Wu Peng operated the first pair of birds and went on an expedition to suppress the rebellion in the Northern Wilderness. Since then, the imperial capital has never sent such a powerful weapon. Although they have fought with the Cangliu Empire before, the bird spirits have never seen this legendary terrible machine, but only the attack power of the wind falcon has made the Phoenix unforgettable. Now, they actually sent out a pair of birds?! Did you predict the arrival of Sumo and his party,interactive panels for education, so you want to go to Cangwuzhiyuan for martial law? At that moment, the bird spirit full of hatred also had a slight flinch-after all, it was still a teenager's mind, although it had a paranoid hatred, but it also had the fear and withdrawal brought about by being spoiled. It's a pair of birds. She turned to look at the puppet master at a loss, and her tone had involuntarily taken on the ownerless and the inquiry, "They have gone to Jiuyi!"! Do we, do we still want to go to the deep of Cangwu? "Of course I will." When the army roared away,digital interactive whiteboard, Sumo withdrew from the boundary without thinking, "Let's go." The Phoenix shrank its wings and stammered, "But.." Can go to the deep of Cangwu is not self-entrapment? Have you ever played a pair of birds by yourself? Besides, there is such a big army! Even she did not realize that after only one night, there had been such a subtle change in her tone, with complaints and worries. However, before her words were over, the puppet master had already taken Arnold away by himself. The thin rustle under the ground was the sound of the girls sneaking to keep up. Phoenix stood in the Alsophila spinulosa forest hesitated for a long time, and finally gritted his teeth and flapped his wings to follow. Even if there was danger ahead, she still wanted to follow him. The last time the Heaven Department failed in Taoyuan County, it was the Xuantian Department that the imperial capital sent out this time. As if calculating something silently with great concentration, the puppet master pondered as he walked, not caring at all whether the bird spirit beside him had kept up with him, but looking intently at a certain place in the void, murmuring, interactive whiteboard for schools ,smart board touch screen, "So.." Is it Major General Fei Lian, who is as famous as Yun Huan in the army? Imperial Shuangbi? However, he immediately shook his head slightly and denied his calculation just now: "No, with the rank of Fei Lian, it is still impossible to manipulate the seat frame of the pair of winged birds-then, it must be one of the ten witches in the pair of winged birds just now.." Who is it? Witchcraft? The witch? The sorcerer? But all rely on the calculation of magic power, once it reaches the extension related to the ten witches, it will be completely blocked and can not go further. His power is still in the same plane as the ten witches, so it is impossible to predict. So, where is Fei Lian now? The puppet master closed his eyes again and began to carry out a rapid reverse calculation with magic power. Soon he breathed a sigh of relief, frowned slightly and murmured, "So he's still in Kangping County?" So, should be sent to do the advance to pursue the emperor, thus met the empty Sang that line of people. Eun-hwan?.. In the land of sand? And why? "Who do you mean?" Youhuang listened to this for a long time, suddenly heard the name of the motherland, can not help but be surprised to interrupt-Taoyuan county, she only in the fire and Sumo Bai Ying played a face to face, simply do not know the latest trend, at the moment a listen to the word empty mulberry, shocked, "you said that the army is looking for empty mulberry people?"? But aren't the rest of the Kongsang people hiding in the underwater colorless city? What's wrong Sumo's silent calculation was interrupted by her, and suddenly burst out with an irrepressible anger, suddenly waving: "Go away!" With a flash of anger and silver in the air, the Phoenix retreated in fear, avoiding the oncoming ring, and six or seven long feathers on his shoulders were cut off in unison. The girl stroked her precious wings and turned pale. Puppet master has no patience: "Enough, you go back." The doll in his arms looked up with a click, as if to persuade something, but Sumo did not allow it to speak and turned around. Youhuang stood there in a daze, watching the moody puppet master leave like a contemptuous shoe. Suddenly, I felt a great sense of absurdity surrounding me, and my ears rang with harsh laughter-self-sentimental ah. It turned out that this shark man had never put himself in the eye at all! Although he had come to ask her to go the same way, although they had traveled thousands of miles together, although they had been happy together last night, as if they were born to be one, but all this had not left any shadow in the heart of the shark man. What is this? How dare this humble shark man treat her like this, the noble princess Bai Lin! She forgot that a hundred years ago, the Shark Man had already treated another Bai princess like this, and the bird spirit only felt furious and murderous, and the feathers of her whole body stood up in an instant. Her eyes turned blood red, she wrung her hands, and the nine bells made a soul-stirring sound. Should be quickly aware of the murderous look behind, the puppet master's footsteps slightly slowed down, but never looked back, so with a long way to go. The girl in the underground obviously also discovered the murderous look of the fellow traveler, and sent out an uneasy commotion. In an instant, countless snow-white vines spread from the underground, intertwined with each other,touch screen whiteboard, forming a fence, blocking her in front of her, eyeing her covetously. hsdsmartboard.com