Emperor Group: The President's Heart-Stealing Wife

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Emperor Group: The President's Heart-Stealing WifeEmperor Group: The President's Heart-Stealing Wife

Purple smoke suddenly smiled, with a touch of cunning, reached out to hold Si Ren's arm, intimate against him: "Si Ren brother, what's wrong with you?"? Look at others to see the eyes are straight, purple smoke will be jealous oh? Si Renfang came to his senses and turned to look at her when he heard Ziyan's words, but he saw a mischievous smile on her face. Shall we go and say hello to Qiqi? As she spoke, she had already dragged him to Ling Ziwei before Gu Siren's answer. Siqi. The sudden cry in the crowd made Siqi look up, but she also saw the sharp eyes that made her palpitate. Panic immediately came to my mind, holding Ling Ziwei's hand can not help but gently put down. Ling Ziwei noticed Siqi's tiny movements and turned to look at her, but she lowered her head and just wanted to ask her what was wrong when she saw the man coming towards them. Oh General Manager.. He held out his hand to Si Ren. Si Ren held it gently, and a cold smile flashed across his face: "Is General Manager Ling's female companion?"? It's pretty His eyes were fixed on Siqi, and even when he shook hands with Ling Ziwei, he did not look at him. "Uh.." Ling Ziwei knew that Si Ren was a consultant, but when he saw Siqi's appearance, he didn't know what to say. Qiqi, it's so beautiful tonight. Purple smoke went over to hold her and smiled kindly at her. Smoke.. Siqi smiled at her, and under his burning gaze,86 smart board, she did not know what to say. Ha-ha, the show is on. Dear friends, flowers and comments. Ah, ah, ah, ah. Chapter 145 Jealousy (2). Throughout the evening, Siqi has always been the focus of attention of the audience. Many men invited her to dance,smart board interactive whiteboard, although every time, she refused, but in the eyes of Si Ren, there was still a surge of anger. I really want to gouge out the eyes of the men around her. He took the wine from the waiter's plate and drank it with his head up. When he put down his glass, he saw Ling Ziwei holding her and stepping into the dance floor, and she. She actually has a smile on her face? Seeing his hand on her slender waist, he felt the urge to kill, took another glass of wine and poured it down. When Ling Ziwei's hand moved down another centimeter, he walked through the crowd with a livid face and headed straight for them. In the side of the purple smoke, see Si Ren's hurried pace, feel bad, want to come forward to hold him, but he has gone through the crowd. Ling Ziwei hugged Siqi and whispered to her about some of the things she had read before. Siqi also recalled the good times at that time. A smile appeared on her face. She turned her eyes and saw the people who came to them with a cold face. Before he could exclaim, digital touch screen board ,interactive touch screens education, he had already separated them and dragged her wrist towards the door. Under the bright lamplight, is the mood embraces the dance the people, again how devotion, always can have more or less the vision to gaze at the person who leaves. Siqi stumbled behind him. His pace was so fast that she could hardly keep up with him. Si Ren, what are you doing. Siqi shouted behind her, trying to break away from his hand, but he held it tighter. He dragged her to the underground garage and shook her off. Siqi stumbled and nearly fell to the ground, and her hands consciously stroked her abdomen. And he was so angry that he didn't notice her tiny movements at all. You are my woman, and you are smiling at others in their arms? He bellowed at her. Siqi stabilized her mood, stood up straight, and her eyes became cold: "Si Ren, make it clear that we are divorced.." When he heard her words, he laughed instead of being angry. "Who said we were divorced?" He leaned close to her and looked straight into her eyes. "I didn't sign at all.." His words made her stare. What did he say? He didn't sign it? "What do you want?" "What do you want?" His eyes suddenly darkened, and she didn't know what he wanted? I just want you. Tan Siqi. His long fingers stroked her face as white as snow, and Siqi's heart suddenly trembled and suddenly took a big step back. Si Ren was suddenly ignited by her action: "You dare to run away from me..." No longer thinking about anything, he stretched out his arm and held her tightly in his arms. He bowed his head and kissed her lips fiercely. His tongue knocked open her shellfish teeth and wrapped around her tongue. Siqi felt dizzy. She put her hand on his chest, trying to push him away, but she couldn't do it. He held her tightly, as if he wanted to embed her in his body. Siqi suddenly thought of the child. No, he held her too tightly. She began to struggle, and her struggle made him more angry, angry, but also made the desire in his body more arrogant. He pressed her to the pillar, and his lips fell upon her white neck. The height of the chest, which was held up by the strapless, stimulated his senses. His hands moved uncontrollably toward her dainty buttocks and tore eagerly at her dress. Nope Si Ren. No Siqi's hand extended to her abdomen, resisting the pressure from his leaning. But he suddenly did not hear, still gnawing her delicate, the hand behind her suddenly stretched out to the zipper behind her, without any warning, slurping, the upper part of the dress tore, his hand holding her side of the plump, tossing and rubbing. "No.." No Si Ren. Not here.. No Siqi shouted eagerly, protecting her abdomen with one hand and beating him with the other. He suddenly stopped moving and leaned over her neck, breathing heavily. Not here. "" His gruff voice rang out, then he quickly took off his coat and wrapped it around her half-naked body. He put his arm around her shoulder and walked toward the car. All the way, all the way in silence, Siqi tightly grasped the clothes on her chest, her heart was still frantic, and her breathing was still in disorder. His tense face foreshadowed his anger now,smart board whiteboard, and she dared not say a word to bring him to the brink of anger. The car quickly arrived at his apartment, and he quickly got out of the car, dragged her out of the car and headed for the elevator. hsdsmartboard.com