As the ancient saying goes, the complete txt works of "the prime minister of medical sex, please pick up the end of

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As the ancient saying goes, the complete txt works of "the prime minister of medical sex, please pick up the end of driving + extra chapters"

"What can I do for you?" Feng Qingchi opened his mouth lightly. Deep and clear eyes seemed to look at the wanton and insolent man standing not far away, and there was a guess in his heart. This person, should be Jing Xingzhi! Although it looks wild and flying, the wisdom and depth in those eyes have never been concealed at all. Yu Qingchen has a good eye! Feng Qing holds a light praise in his heart. Hearing Feng Qingzhi's opening, Jing Xingzhi slowly moved his eyes to each other's body, slightly stunned when he looked at Feng Qingzhi's appearance, and his eyes flashed with surprise. In front of the young man is very good-looking, delicate face does not lose light dust, and light dust is completely opposite temperament, light dust is really cold as snow, inhuman, but in front of the young man, in the light of cynicism, there is a bit of cold charm like a demon, especially the eyes of a pair of deep ancient wells without waves, cold and ghosts. However Jing Xingzhi rubbed his chin slowly with his hand. Since the person in front of him was Feng Qingzhi, it showed that she was now disguised as a man! Jing Xingzhi smiled gently, but there was no smile in his eyes. "I've heard the name of Miss Feng for a long time, and I've always been interested in her. I'm very happy to see her today!" Men's clothing can be so evil, if wearing women's clothing is certainly Qingguo Qingcheng, but also a good relationship with the light dust, such a person,fake blossom tree, instantly included in the list of dangerous rivals. Miss Wind? One side of the jade light distant eye color is a bit strange, but after all is a wise choice to look on, did not open his mouth. Just looking at Feng Qingchi's eyes a little more, Jing Xingzhi said so naturally will not fake. But she was a little surprised that she was a woman. Feng Qingzhi looked at Jing Xingzhi with a somewhat strange look in his eyes. Delighted? This scene is to lie with his eyes open, where there is joy, but the hostility in his eyes is not concealed at all. With a faint smile, he said, "I heard that the deposed Prince Long Zhang Fengzi and Zhilan Yushu in the early days of Chongqing. Today I saw them,cherry blossom wedding centerpiece, and sure enough!" Jade Qingyao listened to the dialogue between the two people, gentle eyebrows and eyes a little strange, how did she perceive an indescribable tension, this is really the first time to meet two people who never intersect? She suspected. I wonder why Miss Feng is looking for Qingchen? Jing Xingzhi opened his mouth bluntly, and his eyes were cold. He was sure that the woman in front of him knew that Qingchen was a man. This cognition makes Jing Xingzhi feel a little uncomfortable. For so many years, even Yu Qingyao did not know the matter, light dust unexpectedly so quickly told the woman in front of him. Jing Xingzhi, who already felt that Feng Qingzhi was an eyesore, felt that the other side was not pleasing to the eye at the moment. Since he was looking for light dust, he could only talk to him about it. Feng Qing holds the eyes to bend, if she did not guess wrong, this Yuchu's royal Highness, is probably jealous! Thinking of this, the smile in Feng Qingchi's eyes was even worse. Light dust these two words let Jing Xingzhi's eyes slightly cold, but is still smiling, artificial coconut palm trees ,faux ficus tree, "I and light dust feelings are very deep, what is the same as I said." "Still no, Qingchen knows I should come out to meet you, so don't bother your Highness!" Looking at Jing Xingzhi's slightly black expression, Feng Qingzhi added again, "Moreover, it is not convenient to say something about your daughter's family to a man." Jing Xingzhi's face turned black, but he was speechless. The last sentence, Feng Qingchi, is absolutely intentional. Clearly know that he will not pick out the identity of light dust deliberately said so. Feng Qing holds her lips to appreciate Jing Xingzhi's expression at the moment, and sure enough, she likes to see others who are very angry but have no way to take her. When his eyes touched the snowy figure coming from a distance, he smiled playfully. Yu Qingchen was not surprised that Jing Xingzhi would appear here. He had guessed it when Sapphire reported just now. Instead of looking at Jing Xingzhi, he smiled at Feng Qingzhi. Even the cold color in his eyes faded a lot. The interaction between the two people, in Jing Xingzhi's eyes, looks more like flirting, and his eyes are cold in an instant. Yu Qingyao still stood quietly aside, but smiled and said nothing. Xiao Feng, what are you doing here? He walked slowly to Feng Qingzhi's side and asked. Xiaofeng is so lazy that he would come to the palace to look for him! Feng Qing looked at each other as usual, "I want to talk to you alone about something!" In fact, not Tan is right, but how, after all, their own life experience needs to be clarified, and she can feel that the jade light dust is really for her sake. Jade light dust slightly stupefied for a moment, then nodded, "good." A good word, let Jing Xingzhi's face again cold a few minutes, but also can only coldly stare at the wind Qingchi. The more you look at this woman, the more obtrusive she is! "Jing Xing Zhi." Yu Qingchen opened his mouth neither lightly nor heavily. Hum Jing Xingzhi withdrew his eyes in an instant and looked away reluctantly. Just as Feng Qingchi and Yu Qingchen were preparing to go in the other direction, a crimson blue figure came from a distance, with a strong momentum and sharp eyebrows and eyes. Jing Xingzhi, you are really promising! A cold hum, with a bit of sarcasm. Swagger in front of others, like a sick cat in front of Yu Qingchen. See Jing Xingyue, Jing Xingzhi's face is not very good. Xingyue is not used to light dust, light dust also does not like Xingyue, he naturally does not like two people to meet, especially Xingyue's words, let him lose face in front of Feng Qingzhi. Not as promising as you! Jing Xingzhi replied coldly, then raised his eyes slightly and looked at Jing Xingyue with a smile. "What's wrong?"? Yin Zichen left? Jing Xingyue is still cold hum, look arrogant, "nature is to leave.". You think everyone is like you, but a woman, so many years can not handle, but also led by the nose by the other side! This sentence is a bit too much! "Jing Xingyue!" Jing Xingzhi's eyes were slightly cold. He can indulge the moon to do anything, but the light dust is his bottom line. Yu Qingyao's face also changed slightly, and her gentle expression sank. "Princess Xingyue,large ficus tree, be careful!" With a "pop" sound, it seemed very strange when the atmosphere was dull. Feng Qing turned his head, hooked his lips and smiled gently. He looked at Jing Xingyue with great interest. "It seems that the princess has a way of dealing with men. I don't know what would happen if she changed to Biqingyun of Shuyue?" 。