Bewitching in Miaojiang _ Nanwu Kasaya Science Buddha

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BewitcBewitching in Miaojiang _ Nanwu Kasaya Science Buddhahing in Miaojiang _ Nanwu Kasaya Science Buddha

Ashikaga Jiro told me that the old president of Kato also knew about this matter, but there was no way, because the decision was made by the great God of the Ise Shrine, His Excellency Zhu Boye. In Japanese Shinto, the status of the great God was supreme except for Emperor Heisei and the Lord of Shinto. No one could stop his will. Kato Kazuo was also a Shinto. It is impossible to disobey the decision of the great God, and the Kato family seems to have some handle on the hands of the Ise Shrine. I asked, isn't the festival of the Sun already over, and is Yaya now being offered up as a gift from God? Ashikaga Jiro said no, this time the Huiyang Festival is a 60-year fast, the first ceremony to rob the sacred tree, and the brave who touched the sacred tree, can be in the final election of the second robbery, become the strongest blessing, get in the static cabinet after 15 days of prayer goddess, that is, Miss Kato Aya corolla blessing. It is said that the selection of the strongest king this time is to meet the millennium catastrophe recorded in the divine scriptures, so it is particularly grand. The final election of Huiyang Festival will be held at twelve o'clock in the evening a week later. Kato Kazuo has already yielded, and Miss Aya has also been sealed in the Jingge Pavilion of the Guanyin Temple of the West Temple, under the supervision of the two major forces of Shinto and Eastern Buddhism. This time, Ashikaga Jiro contacted me behind his master Oda Shingen,artificial banyan trees, asking me to save Miss Aya if I still remember her. After listening to Ashikaga Jiro's narration, I fell silent. Japan is an extreme country because it is located in an island chain with frequent earthquakes and volcanoes. In terms of spiritual practice, it belongs to a relatively indifferent attitude towards life. Suicide by hara-kiri and so on has almost become a common practice. They are prone to fanaticism. For their nature, they do not deny that women have a low social status and a strong genital worship mentality. This Huiyang Festival is actually a very strong totem worship of male roots, so I can understand that Kato Ya, who used to be the goddess of the Ise Shrine, is also regarded as the winner of Nalaoshizi. It's just. I closed my eyes, listening to the perturbed request of Jiro Ashikaga on the other end of the phone,silk ficus tree, and my mind began to hover over the magical woman who was as pure as snow, smiling, saying every word, looking serious and clumsy, as well as the table of early New Year's Eve dinner, and.. With a sigh of relief, I calmly asked the last question: "Miss Qin Hui, is she willing to do that prize?" Ashikaga Jiro's answer, of course, was no, and I finally made up my mind to tell Ashikaga Jiro that I would arrive in Japan as soon as possible, and then I would go to meet Kato Aya. If she was willing, I would bless her. If not, I would take her away. Ashikaga Jiro and I exchanged contact information with each other. After hanging up the phone, silk olive tree ,fake ficus tree, I let my mood calm down for a few minutes and thought carefully about whether my decision was correct or not. To tell the truth, I am not a wooden man, and Kato Ya also knows my affection for me. That night in Lijiang, although I was confused and had many doubts, from my subjective impression. Something really should have happened between Ya and me, otherwise I wouldn't have been reborn overnight. It was also on that day that I really stepped into the turning point of first-class masters and defeated Mao Tongzhen head-on. I was on the run at the time, and now it's time for me to find out why. I owe Yaya, so I can't leave her alone, so I have to go on this trip to Japan. Decided this matter, I told Shaomao Xiaodao at the first time, I thought he would laugh at me, but this time he was rare to express the most thorough support for me: "Little poison, people in this life, always have to live some wanton, will leave less regret.". If you don't want to be tortured by regret in the future, you can pursue your own happiness now. He spoke with a very deep voice, and then said firmly: "You can rest assured that even if there are more difficulties ahead, I will be with you!" " I was so moved by Shaomao Xiaodao's words that I almost burst into tears. However, the tiger cat who happened to be next to me told the truth: "Do you want to experience how developed the sex industry is in the country that produces 90% of the world's porn?" Time was running out, and since the decision had been made, we immediately prepared for action. On the same day, I found Gao Sheng's broken shopkeeper and asked him to help me handle a series of related procedures for passport, visa and air ticket, especially for the adult tiger cat. Because it was an international flight, the oxygen cabin also needed an epidemic prevention certificate. Big Brother got the news that we were going to Japan, and he took time out of his busy schedule to call and ask about the situation. When he learned of my intention to leave, he hesitated for a while, but in the end he chose to support us. Not only did the comrades in charge of East Asian affairs from the Liaison Bureau meet us in Japan, but he also told me the contact information of the two dark lines, saying that no matter what happened, as long as they were contacted, they could sneak us back to China. As for the distribution of Japanese forces, he also specially asked the shabby shopkeeper to bring us the relevant information. Because of the lack of our care, the situation of Mao Jin Feng Shui Office has begun to decline, but the return of Zhang Aini and Xiaojun and others can barely hold up the scene, but it has not become an obstacle to the trip to Japan. The only thing I was not satisfied with was probably the little demon. When I learned that we were going to Japan to save the Japanese beauty Kato, she was not happy at once. She scolded me a few words and did not talk to me all night. After this period of time together, the small blue dragon is the most sticky little demon blossoms, as if it is nature in general, the little dragon girl saw the little demon unhappy, scratching east and west, not long, that tight face of foxy melon seeds is at least gentle down, but I am not angry. Because of the special channel, the passports were delivered in the afternoon of the second day,faux ficus tree, and in the morning of the third day, we took an international flight directly to Tokyo, the capital of Japan.