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Fortunately, they still have some sense, but this sense is not much. The sex of the child has not been confirmed, and it has not been born yet, so I bought a lot regardless of everything.

Fortunately, they still have some sense, but this sense is not much. The sex of the child has not been confirmed, and it has not been born yet, so I bought a lot regardless of everything. Then, with the rest of their reason, they finally went to buy clothes for pregnant women. The first thing to buy is shoes. Hai Xiaotang's shoes all have heels, the lowest is 3 centimeters, but these can not be worn, it is best to wear flat shoes. Their important task today is to choose shoes. Qiao Ning also plans to buy a pair of shoes for oneself, when choosing, she took a fancy to a pair of new leather shoes suddenly. After trying it on, Jonin thought it was good and asked the clerk to wrap it up for her. The clerk was happy to take the shoes to make out the invoice. Suddenly, two women came up. One of them asked lightly. How big are these shoes? The clerk is stupefied, still answer seriously, "It is 36." "I'll take it, wrap it up for me!" The woman's tone was a little loud, and her attitude was arrogant. The clerk was immediately embarrassed, "Miss, I'm sorry, someone wants this pair of shoes." "Who wants it?"? I'll pay double for it! Hearing these conversations, Qiao Ning and Hai Xiaotang turned back at the same time, and then they were stunned! The two women standing in front of the clerk were also stunned! Jonning didn't expect to meet them here all of a sudden. Even though they were all wearing sunglasses, she recognized them at once. Isn't it Zhang Meimei and Lin Xiner?! I didn't expect the two women she hated to get together! Now the enemy is particularly jealous when they meet. Zhang Meimei and Lin Xiner are both enemies of Qiao Ning,turmeric extract powder, and Qiao Ning and Hai Xiaotang are also enemies of Lin Xiner. The eyes of the four men were flaming. Especially the people on both sides are dressed differently. Qiao Ning and Hai Xiaotang wear very simple, pure like a newly graduated college student, a look seems to be very easy to bully. Zhang Meimei and Lin Xiner are both dressed as mature women, wearing high-heeled shoes and sunglasses, like big stars traveling. Just looking at the outside, Zhang Meimei and Lin Xiner's momentum is much more arrogant. It is estimated that he hated Qiao Ning very much, and it is also estimated that he had long suspected that the last time he was caught in bed was related to Chai Xiyang. Zhang Meimei could not control the anger in his body when she saw Qiao Ning! She could not help sneering and asked in an arrogant tone: 、826. No Chapter 826 this shoe must belong to me. "Who took a fancy to these shoes?" The clerk inexplicably felt that the atmosphere was not right, and before she could answer, Jon Ning said coldly, "I took a fancy to it." Good, it's her! Zhang Meimei enchanting took out a gold card and handed it to the clerk, "I want this pair of shoes, lutein eye complex ,mulberry leaf extract weight loss, I'll pay double the price!" Shop assistant: The atmosphere is really not right. The women on both sides seem to have a grudge. But she is still very professional, "but the young lady has taken a fancy to it first." "Three times the price!" Zhang Meimei spits out without blinking. Hai Xiaotang sneered. She turned her head sideways and asked Qiao Ning, "Who is she?" "Zhang Meimei." Qiao Ning answered lightly. Hai Xiaotang probably heard Qiao Ning say about her, and immediately knew everything. She said to the shop assistant lightly, "The shoes are what we like. If they are not sold to us, we will have to complain." The clerk nodded hurriedly. "Of course it's for you." "Five times the price, the shoes must belong to me." Zhang Meimei was so arrogant that she was bound to win the shoes. The clerk was finally embarrassed. She looked at Jonin. "Miss, why don't you choose another pair of shoes? I'll give you a 50% discount." It's not that I don't want to buy it for you. Our shop also has rules. If the bidder's price is more than five times higher, he can buy it first. "Six times, we'll take it." As soon as she finished, Hai Xiaotang said lightly. Zhang Meimei disdained to stare at Hai Xiaotang, "bystander, advise you not to mind your own business.". Do you have money to buy it? Look how poor you are, don't try to be brave here! Get out of here. Zhang Meimei spoke rudely because she did not know Hai Xiaotang. But Lin Xiner knew Hai Xiaotang, and she did not remind Zhang Meimei that it was none of her business to watch them pinch each other. Hai Xiaotang hooked his lips and wanted to take out a black card from his wallet, but finally he took out a gold card like Zhang Meimei. She stepped forward and handed it to the clerk. "The money in the card is enough to buy all the shoes here.". ” Zhang Meimei was surprised, but still disdained to sneer out, "so little money also dare to be arrogant?"? All right, we'll see who pays more, 10 times, and I'm going to order these shoes today! The clerk was shocked. Ten times the price. How much is that? The original price is 6700, ten times is 67 thousand! Looking at the shop assistant's amazed expression, Zhang Meimei was even more proud. She did not believe that ordinary people were willing to spend so much money to buy a pair of shoes that were not very expensive. However, Hai Xiaotang did not blink and said, "11 times." "Xiaotang." Jonin hurried up to stop her. "Give her the shoes. They're not worth so much at all." "No, I must buy it. I can't stand it!" Hai Xiaotang deliberately said, is also a look bound to win. Zhang Meimei sneered and continued to raise the price, "15 times!" Clerk: That's great. The bonus has more than doubled this month. Hai Xiaotang continued to increase the price, each time only a little bit, "16 times!" "What a bitch who doesn't know whether to live or die, 20 times!" Zhang Meimei was a little angry, and she didn't believe that people like Hai Xiaotang, who only dared to raise the price a little bit, could beat her. Hai Xiaotang was really embarrassed. Her face changed, as if she had made up her mind. She gritted her teeth and said, "21 times!" "25 times-" Zhang Meimei showed a contemptuous smile. Just when everyone thought that Hai Xiaotang would increase the price, she suddenly laughed with ease: 、827. No Chapter 827 the little white rabbit becomes a queen. "We don't want these shoes, so let's give them to people who are stupid and have a lot of money." Zhang Meimei was suddenly stunned and knew that she had been cheated. Hai Xiaotang is deliberately stimulating her to spend so much money to buy a pair of shoes that are not worth it at all! 25 times, which is far beyond the value of this pair of shoes. In fact,jujube seed powder, she is not very concerned about money, but people laugh at people silly money, which makes Zhang Meimei how to swallow this tone.