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Of course, there is one thing that makes Tiger afraid to use the chariot in advance, because he knows very well that this chariot is the trump card of the Kingdom of Sauron!

Of course, there is one thing that makes Tiger afraid to use the chariot in advance, because he knows very well that this chariot is the trump card of the Kingdom of Sauron! A real trump card! His Majesty has spent a lot of money to build a terrible war machine. The purpose is to fight against the invincible Holy Knights in Roland! King Sauron's ambition was so great that he was naturally dissatisfied with the situation in which the royal power was suppressed by the religious power. This battle team is the biggest trump card against the Holy Knights when the kingdom and the divine religion fall out in the future! After the loud bugle sounded, the army of the Empire of Light began to move slowly. In front of the array was a heavily armored infantry phalanx of tens of thousands of northern legions, flanked by cavalry. Wait, cavalry? Tiger frowned. Why didn't Thor's whip come out? After the loud shouts of the officers in the Imperial camp, the phalanx of tens of thousands of heavily armored infantry regiments moved slowly forward, and the soldiers shouted in unison. The morning sun shone on their bright armor and the swords in their hands, shining with cold light. The orderly phalanx moved forward slowly, and the uniform pace and the heavy footsteps, as well as the clanging sound of the soldiers' armor and weapons as they moved forward, struck hard on Roland's heart. Tiger looked grave and looked at the enemy in front of him. Heart once again can not help but sigh: "If I have one hundred thousand such elite infantry..." He shook his head at once. It was a war,naringenin price, and there was no point in such an inexplicable thought. He said something in a low voice, and his herald immediately delivered the order. Roland's army front slowly made way for a wide gap, then heard the horn call, suddenly shaking the earth!!! People who have not seen this scene from the front will never be able to experience that kind of shock! With the sound of a deep and heavy horn, the sky shook in an instant! Thousands of carriages formed a powerful charge,glucosamine sulfate and chondroitin sulfate, like a flood beast suddenly awakened, with a tremendous sound, the roar of horses, the high-pitched shouts of soldiers, all of which mixed together. Although it doesn't sound sharp and harsh, it seems to make people deaf and tremble! The rolling wheels brought up the dust all over the sky, only to see a cloud of dust in front of the sun, the front is countless speeding chariots, although the distance is still far, gynostemma pentaphyllum leaf extract ,lycopene for skin, but it seems that you can hear the roar of the other soldiers and their blood-red eyes! The officers of the Empire of Light immediately realized the horror of the enemy in front of them, and as soon as they gave the order, the archers hiding behind the infantry phalanx immediately launched a salvo! The dense locust-like arrows plunged into the charging chariot, but it was difficult to do much damage to the enemy in the face of the heavy shield raised on the chariot. Even if occasionally some arrows leak through the shield, it is difficult to effectively kill soldiers in heavy armor. After a round of arrows, the other side has rushed closer! "Ready!" The officers of the Empire shouted. The soldiers nervously moved their feet and gradually moved closer, trying to make their phalanx more dense and thick. Preparation The officer's shouts seemed a little nervous in the deafening sound of the other side's charge. The soldier in the front row fiercely planted the huge shield in his hand on the ground. And then put your body against it. Preparation The spearman stretched out his spear from the gap of the shield, and countless sharp spears were raised to meet the enemy who swept in like a storm. Collision finally appears! When the first carriage crashed into the infantry phalanx, the spear was immediately broken by the huge impact, and then inserted in the shield wall was forced to open a gap, the soldiers were bloody and dead on the ground, some of them died for a moment with a miserable cry. In the front row of the carriage, the horses were pierced by the spear, but the strong horses screamed and dragged the carriage to run for several steps before they fell down. These few steps are enough! Breaking through the front shield and spear, the following chariot cut into the Imperial infantry phalanx like a knife! Spear and battle-axe in the hands of a Roland warrior in a chariot. The rolling blades on the wheels of the two wings of a carriage, the impact of a chariot as strong as a boulder, and even the trampling of horses, all became the nightmare of the Imperial infantry! The frontal infantry could not resist the impact of the other side's chariot at all, while the infantry on both sides had not yet approached the chariot at all, and had been blown apart by the blades of the whirlwind! In the face of this amazing weapon, the quality of the Imperial infantry is immediately reflected. If the Roland infantry had been replaced, it would have collapsed in the face of such an astonishing charge. But the soldiers of the Northern Legion of the Empire of Light rushed up bravely and fell under the rolling wheels of the chariot one by one! Not flinching. These soldiers are determined to die, even using their own bodies to try to block the advance of the other side's chariot! Some soldiers picked up the broken spears on the ground and rolled them over the wheels of the other side. The spear in his hand had just broken the wheel of the other side, and his body had been cut into pieces by the blade! Other soldiers simply rushed forward three or five times without stopping. The Imperial cavalry on both sides had already moved, and they tried to attack each other's chariots from both wings, but Tiger had already let the Holy Knights wait, and after a roar, the Holy Knights, who had been waiting for a long time,phycocyanin spirulina, divided into two groups and rushed to each other's cavalry. Facts have proved that on the battlefield, when one of the belligerents suddenly masters a special sharp weapon, it is always easy to gain an advantage in a short time. And this truth is confirmed in the body of the emperor team. prius-biotech.com