Wu Dong Gan Kun _ Tian Silkworm Potato _ txt Novel Paradise

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Breath is constantly rising, a certain moment, it seems that there is something invisibly broken softly sounded, the breath of the forest, but also at this moment like an eagle pushing aside the heavy clouds, will be more vast scene, income eyes.

Breath is constantly rising, a certain moment, it seems that there is something invisibly broken softly sounded, the breath of the forest, but also at this moment like an eagle pushing aside the heavy clouds, will be more vast scene, income eyes. Sheng Xuanjing Dacheng! With the help of Mulan this so-called small gift, Lin Dong finally succeeded in stepping out of this step, the real Jin into the mysterious realm of life! And when Lin Dong's breath completely stepped into the mysterious realm of life, the white light surging in his body suddenly and rapidly converged, and finally turned into a little crystal awn and disappeared in Lin Dong's Dantian. At this time, Lin's mind sank into the Dantian to see that in his Dantian, a white crystal the size of a thumb was suspended quietly and faintly, with a huge fluctuation of vitality emanating from it. Obviously, Mulan gave Lin Dong this gift, now Lin Dong, simply can not completely refine its absorption, want to think in the future when he breaks through again, this angry crystal, but also can help him a lot. Sniff! Lin Dong's closed eyes suddenly opened at the moment, and a wisp of fine awn passed by. As if tearing the dark night. A group of white gas, along the throat of the forest to spit out, he sensed the body like a flood of surging, and then like a sleeping lion silent down the vigorous yuan Li, his face can not help but have a touch of slight excitement across. Finally, it is a great success to step into the mysterious realm of life. "Congratulations." With a clear laugh on one side,wholesale plastic pallet, Lin turned his head, and then saw Mulan lying on the back of the whale, his hands pillowed in his mind, his handsome face filled with a few smiles. Thank you for your help, senior Mulan. Lin Dong clasped his fists and said in a sincere voice that he naturally sensed the source of the angry crystals in his body. So vigorous and pure vitality, in addition to the wheel level of the super strong can be condensed out. Who else can do that? Mulan smiled, and the night wind blew his long blue hair. It made him look quite free and easy. He looked at Lin Dong and said, "Thanks to your rock-solid foundation, otherwise,drum spill containment, I wouldn't have helped you, otherwise.". Destroy your foundation, green pheasant know, afraid to find me desperately, he can pass the blue sky formula to you, I think it is also very important to you. "The elder Green Pheasant is also kind to me, and I want to repay him if I have a chance in the future." Lin Dongdao. Let's raise your strength first. I know you have a lot of secrets, but we are at this level. At the very least, you have to step into the realm of death to be qualified for contact. Mulan laughed. As he spoke, Mulan's eyes, but slightly strange, swept the body of the sweeper, and when he poured the angry crystal into the latter's body, he could vaguely perceive that there seemed to be a lot of things in the latter's body that even he could not detect. Lin Dong nodded slightly. He knew that Mulan might have sensed something in his body, but the devouring Zu Fu, the ancient array of Qian Kun and the ancestral stone in his body were not ordinary things. If he really wanted to say it, he might be bigger than Mulan. He could blur the induction, but if he wanted to detect it thoroughly, collapsible bulk container ,plastic pallet manufacturer, it would still be extremely difficult if not for Lin Dong's active cooperation. I heard Green Pheasant said you in the East Xuanyu, tut, I really don't know how you have the courage to call the three masters of Banyuan Gate, but they are three super strong people who have stepped into the wheel.. Mulan voice a turn, way. Lin Dong smiled awkwardly and said, "You can't be captured without a fight, can you?" Mulan propped herself up, narrowed her eyes slightly, and said, "yuan Men.." That's a very overbearing sect in Dongxuanyu. Many years ago, there was also an overlord force in the chaotic Demon Sea who fought with them, but in the end he didn't get any benefit. Lin moved slightly stupefied, apparently did not expect yuan Men to have such a reputation in this chaotic sea of demons. But the sect.. Mulan pursed her lips, and her slightly narrowed eyes seemed to pass over a touch of darkness. "There seems to be something wrong," she said. "Hm?" Lin Dong looked at Mulan a little blankly, apparently not understanding what the so-called wrong thing in his mouth meant. Have been in contact with yuan Men … Maybe it's just an illusion, but if you want to take revenge in the future, you should be more careful. Mulan waved his hand, but did not say too much about it. Thank you for reminding me. ” Lin moved to nod, now he, from the point of revenge, but there is still a big gap, but Mulan's previous words, he has always been cautious, he is also careful income in the heart. In addition, this time you go to the thunder sea area, to be more careful, although the route to the thunder sea area before not many people know, but this time, the news of reincarnation cave house, there will be countless strong swarmed away, but into the cave house silver pagoda only three, they may not dare to play Xuantian temple, nine pylorus idea, but you are the best target. Mulan went on to say. Did the news get out? Lin moved slightly alarmed, if only the matter of the cave house spread out nothing, but how do other people know the route to the thunder sea area? "Is it from the Xuantian Palace and the Nine Pylorus?" Lin soon came to his senses and knew the route, which should be the three of them, and since it was not him, it must be the other two. Well, although it's not clear why they deliberately released the news to attract so many people to Tianlei Sea, these big forces are all crafty, not useless. Mulan nodded and said. Lin moving eyes show the color of meditation, Mulan is also right, this kind of treasure hunting, the fewer people the better, but that Xuantian Palace and nine pylorus is the opposite, do so, must have their ideas, it seems that he went there, it is necessary to be careful, so as not to suffer any way.. "By the way, senior Mulan.." The younger generation has one thing. I don't know whether to ask or not. Lin Dong seemed to suddenly remember something, glanced at Mu Lingshan, who was sleeping beside him, and asked. Uh Mu Lan looked at Lin Dong with a little doubt. Lingshan's constitution seems to be somewhat special. Lin moved hesitated for a moment,wholesale plastic pallet, or could not help but say it, for Mu Lingshan was able to stir up the devouring Zu Fu in his body, he has been confused for a long time. cnplasticpallet.com