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"People's hearts, human nature", I can't explain it clearly. In this way, it's a little better. It can stabilize the fiscal revenue.

"People's hearts, human nature", I can't explain it clearly. In this way, it's a little better. It can stabilize the fiscal revenue. In a good year, there will be surplus grain. There is no need for the Treasury and other provinces to help pay the money. " Tuan Bao was silent, and he remembered Ama's words again. Railways from the mainland to the west, southwest and west are being built. If the railways are repaired, they will be emigrated again. The geographical position of Zangma Province, including the whole west, is too important. It must always be a province of the Qing Dynasty. "Do what you have to do." A word to the throat, Tuan Bao did not say. He knew what Ama had not said, "If the Qing Dynasty was changed one day, the western region must also be one of the great Chinese nations." This is also the meaning of the fourth brother. But Zangma Province, Zangma Province to the south, slums everywhere, numb, self-paralyzed faces, one by one sitting and waiting to die of human suffering, reincarnated into the figure of the "superior race", played back in his head. " Under the "half abandonment", millions of local people were abandoned. However, thousands of years of religious beliefs can only be washed away by time. What can he do? "Is children's education effective?" "The effect is not great.". Girls have to do housework, boys,stainless steel shower tray, ragged half-luo children play freely in scattered garbage, local teachers listen to monks'lectures, and do not show up several times a year. "Construction of dressing room?" Mention the dressing room, governor Wang Youwei adult Tucao more, "This is also the reason why they must be given zoning, it is really can not stand the'dirty, chaotic 'here.". Locals say it's' unclean 'to change clothes in your own home. You have to go to the toilet outdoors. We built public toilets outdoors. They have to go outdoors outdoors.. Tuan Bao combined what he saw and kept silent. …… Nearly half of qingbao cases occur when women are on their way to the toilet; tens of thousands of children die of diseases caused by open-air excretion every year; and local people try all kinds of strange ways to build dressing rooms in their homes. "There is no shortage of water here, on the contrary, there is a shortage of paper and silk cloth. The newly planned dressing room,Stainless Steel Shower Tray, in addition to the uniform toilet, will also prepare a hose nozzle to connect the water pipe for flushing after going to the toilet.". In other words, you can have a variety of choices after going to the toilet at home. Clean and tidy, no hemorrhoids, how good, but.. Tuanbao thought about the convenience and comfort of sitting, toilet and shower in almost every bedroom in his mansion, and had a smile on his face. The latest dressing rooms will spread all over the houses, streets and official roads of the Qing Dynasty, which is one of the powerful ways to solve some infectious diseases. Here, there is water, there are conditions, but still have to go to the wild, causing chaos, should be severely punished. In the evening, Tuan Bao wrote to his family. Every foreign power that comes here is either a "noble man" as a winner or a "pariah" as a "loser". The caste system seems to be a magic spell, Concealed Flush Valve ,Service Sink Faucets, a magic spell that best fits the depths of human nature, inherited from generation to generation. As winners, it is very difficult for us to break the caste system here in a short time, to give a little hope, and to break their religious beliefs for three thousand years. "Intensify the contradictions between Vaisya, Sudra and Kshatriya, further suppress the local aristocratic forces, and arrange for some local'noble species' to go to the mainland to become ordinary aristocrats..". Continue to intensify efforts to run schools here, forcibly popularize the Mandarin of the Qing Dynasty, support Buddhism, suppress Brahmanism, and promote Confucianism.. "" When Tuan Bao wrote about "Confucianism", the murderous look in his writing was obvious. When it comes to winning people's hearts, Confucians and Neo-Confucianists should not be weaker than local monks. Brahman, as the head of the four castes, grasps the communication channels between God and man, grasps theocracy, divines fortune and misfortune, monopolizes culture and education, reports farming seasons, and presides over royal ceremonies. Hit. No one can be higher than "monarchical power", and neither can God. Tuanbao spent a few days writing his thoughts to the capital, and did not forget to write a letter to his little fiancee. At the beginning, Gevorhal. Signature, Ze Xian. The emperor was dumbfounded when he received the letter from his eldest son. However, the other children all said yes, and so did the ministers at court. They all felt that they had treated the local people in some places too "gently" and the means were too "conservative". They all feel that they should take several big actions and use both kindness and threat. The emperor thought for a few days, let people make a more detailed and comprehensive plan, and then send thirty thousand troops to the southwest to help, just put down the heart. At the residence of Lord Nuomin, the third-class Duke, Gefo received a letter from Tuanbao and ran to his room with a red face and closed the door. Read it word by word, and the punctuation marks can also be imaginative. Gervoho covered his burning cheek and his heart pounded. Ze Xian. "Ze Xian." Describe it over and over again in your mind. Nuomin and his wife. In the face of her daughter who was in a trance and fell into a dream, she hurriedly invited her best friends and classmates. Gervoho, we agreed to pursue free love together. "Gervoho, as a royal daughter-in-law and eldest daughter-in-law, you have to hold on." "Well, I don't blame Gefrohe.". In the face of the tenderness of Big Baylor, who can carry it? "Yes, I'm drunk when I look at my face." “……。” Gervoho listened, half shyly, half smiling, and looked at one of his friends. Mandareva, her future second brother and sister. Just like her name, the peony flower is graceful, bright and moving. Like her name, she had her own insistence and did not want to compromise with the second Baylor. Mandariwa noticed her friend's line of sight and pursed the corners of her mouth. Others noticed the "flirtation" between them and enjoyed it together. Mandareva, it's not good for you to be deadlocked with the second Baylor like this. "The marriage has been settled." "However, speaking of Mandariwa and Erbeile, I think of Sanfujin and Sanbeile in the future." “……” A group of little girls laughed from stuffy to ha-ha-ha, and even Gefo and Mandareva couldn't help laughing. The future Sanfujin, which is beautiful and picturesque,stainless steel toilet, seems to be charming and gentle, but in fact, it is the most assertive.